Basic Servicing a Motorhome Needs for Functioning Properly


To ensure a RV functions adequately, people should opt for the basic servicing at scheduled time period. Without such basic servicing, no RV can perform its best and will require an owner to spend a large amount of money before they can drive it every time.

Hence, visiting Urbandale motorhome service auto-shop you can opt for the regular maintenance or servicing package to ensure excellent condition for your motorhome. Basic servicing of RVs includes a number of tasks that consists of:

  • Changing oil
  • Servicing generators and checking battery
  • Brakes check-up
  • Air, coolant, fuel, etc. replacement

Check details of these tasks!

  • Oil change in motorhomes

Oil change in a motorhome is a must just like people do it for their cars. With changing oil at regular interval it will be difficult to make sure that the engine doesn’t get any damage. Moreover, unchanged oil could not only damage engine but also lead to it stop working and then one will have to spend ample amount of money to get it fixed.

Moreover, old oil builds up sludge from dust and other components that will destroy the engine if not kept in check. Hence, according to experts oil should be changed every 3,000 to 4,000 miles or simply refer to owner’s manual.

Similarly, oil filters are also responsible for making an engine work smoothly and should be changed at regular intervals.

  • Generator servicing and battery checkup

Another basic servicing task of motorhomes is checking generator and battery. Servicing a generator means that people should run it regularly even if an RV is not in use. Also, its oil and oil filters should be checked and changed at appropriate times. If ignored, a new generator would cost thousands of dollars, which is why it is better to simply go for generator servicing at scheduled period and follow other guidelines.

In addition, also opt for checking battery of motorhome, especially before any trip you plan to take. These batteries have a life-cycle of maximum 5 years and should be replaced during servicing of RV.

  • Checking brakes

Without excellent brakes, driving any vehicle becomes risky and the same goes for motorhomes. Hence, basic maintenance, ensure that the experts are checking your brake system. Checking it will take just a few minutes and servicing costs just a few dollars. However, if a brake is damaged due to irregularity in maintenance then it will cost much more than just few dollars. Thus, make appointment for motorhome service in Urbandale quickly.

  • Air, coolant, fuel, etc. servicing and more

Similar to oil and the filter changes, people need to change air, coolant, fuel, etc. whenever it is necessary. Replacing damaged options would be quite costly; however, other issues may arise such as oxidization in hydraulic system, overheating because cooling system doesn’t work properly, excessive fuel usage, etc.

These are the basic servicing aspect that every motorhome owner should opt for regularly. Without that an RV will get highly damaged and repair cost will be in thousands. Therefore, don’t neglect and service your motorhome today.