A Practical Guide to eBike Conversion


If you are a bike enthusiast you must already know everything there is to say about eBikes. Clever machines that offer assisted pedaling and make long-distance travel much easier on the user. However, they also come with certain caveats, in particular their cost. eBikes aren’t cheap and this is why the world of eBike kits has taken off.

But there are usually two factors that make people question the choice of converting their bike into an electrical model and those are the complexity and the efficiency. Today we’ll go over some of the myths and doubts that arise when it comes to electric bike kits, so you can make an informed decision on the topic.

Do converted eBikes work as intended?

In short, yes they do. It’s a pretty straightforward answer but there are no real secrets or tricks when it comes to the way a kit works. Some kits come with more parts than others but at their core, they all count on a motor to assist your pedaling, and a power source to feed that motor. And in that sense there’s no room for error, a converted eBike will offer assisted pedaling that is every bit as functional as a traditional eBike.

Of course, it’s important to note that converted eBikes aren’t an exact match for commercial models. They have their unique quirks and needs. Many models are designed to only offer assisted pedaling, and others can’t recharge themselves by pedaling. So you need to look into the specifics depending on what you are looking for. But at their core, the improved speed and smoother cruising are universal to all conversion kits.

How hard is it to convert a bike?

Converting a bike is pretty simple too, and at most you’ll need to remove a wheel and the chain. Both the ower pack and any associated sensors are really easy to install, and they shouldn’t take much time at all. But oftentimes these eBike kits offer a motor directly in the form of a new wheel, so you’ll need to opt for a complete replacement.

Nonetheless, the process is not any more complex than removing any traditional wheel, and if you have experience with that it’ll be a snap. And even if you don’t any bike shop can assist you in the process.

Where can I get a kit of my own?

if you are now sold on the idea of conversion kits we suggest you take a look at Swytch Bike. Swytch Bike provides conversion kits and offers pre-orders if a product is out of stock. And on top of that, they have great resources to help you with the installation. Swytch Bike is just a great website for anybody interested in the world of conversion.