4 Modern Upgrades Auto Body Shops Can Offer for Your Classic Car


Those who own a classic car many times found transforming them into a truly modern one, without compromising on their original exterior body. Sometimes the changes they make with the help of an auto body shop are as obvious as adding an extra bit of horsepower or a fresh paint job, while in other cases we saw the owners to be focusing on making it more roadworthy. But now in the recent years many classic cars are witnessed having modern upgrades that includes serious ones, like braking, power steering, better suspension and more.

Here we go a little deeper with these upgrades that transform a classic car into a latest model under the hood.

  1. Disc Brakes

If a vehicle is moving on the roads with outdated drum brakes, it is a threat for all. In such cases the best possible step towards safety is adding to the front wheels a disc brake kit, that would provide the brakes with the modern day stopping power while increasing its value should you go on during a trade in, or when you decide to sell it.

With a few more adaptation of modern technology, the same modern stopping power would get easier to maneuver in comparison to their earlier drum brake setups. You would also feel assured with a pair of disc brakes as the parts are widely available on retail stores.

  1. Suspension

Another good way to upgrade your classic car is bringing the changes in its suspension. In this upgrade, you get to see both classic car styles and modern customizations, out of which both would be beneficial for your old classic car by adding a stiffer and safer ride quality. That would in turn increase its longevity as well, because the earlier rubber bushings would be replaced with polyurethane ones.

One more thing any classic car owner should know regarding upgradation of suspension is that, with a proper budget in place, the suspension options would be almost unlimited which would even include the price of custom fabrication and involve a certain amount of chassis engineering to make sure that the right stuff is being used at the right angle.

  1. Power Steering

Earlier cars had manual steering wheels that required lot of muscle strength to take a turn or drive the car at a certain direction. Things used to get tougher during U-turns, as bringing the car back to the straight line used to ask for a high-precision driving skill. So, if you have a classic car, it would be quite evident, that power steering might not be equipped on your vehicle. To bring a smooth and effortless steering with minimal or little muscle power, you should upgrade to power steering and see how your old car is enjoying its new rack-and-pinion drive. Driving in the corners or while parking the car in tight spaces would not bother you anymore.

  1. Safety Features

According to an expert of the Salisbury auto body shop, safety seat belts, a rear-view camera or Forward Collision Warning System can reduce the risk of manual driving to a large extent while you enjoy to be prominent sitting behind the wheels of a classic car.