Platonic Fullerene Chemistry, Sir C P Snow and the Cure for Cancer


In 2008, The Occasions Scholarly Supplement incorporated the book,’The Two Societies and the Scientific Unrest’ in its rundown of books that most affected Western Open Talk since the Second World War. Sir C P Snow’s 1959 Cambridge College Rede address contended that except if Traditional Expressions hypothesis was brought together with science, at that point civilization would fall, the explanation behind this being researchers had given themselves a chance to be represented by a wrong Einsteinian world-see, which demands that all life in the universe should, in the end, be decimated. Current science can be believed to quicken that obliteration through entropic worldwide financial realism, prompting worldwide monetary fall and World War III.


In 1979, China’s most exceedingly granted physicist

Hun Huang gave the Australian Science-Workmanship Exploration Center the system with which to utilize the world’s seashell fossil record to rejoin science with the antiquated fine art arithmetic. This was keeping in mind the end goal to keep Einsteinian worldwide bedlam from accelerating entropic annihilation.

Amid the 1980s, the Inside’s mathematician, Chris Illert, built up a seashell equation specifically from the Established Expressions science, to effectively produce solid seashell bio-frame development and advancement reenactments through thirty million long periods of room time. In 1990 this disclosure was reproduced by the SPIE Point of reference Series, belonging to the world’s biggest mechanical research organization, IEEE in Washington, as one of the essential optical revelations of the Twentieth Century.

The Leader of the Foundation for Fundamental Exploration in the USA

Educator RuggeroSantilli, in contact with the Middle’s mathematician, propelled the examination into the domain of material science. In 1995 a global associate audit of this work perceived the revelation of new material science laws administering ideal natural development and advancement through space-time, as anticipated by Kun Huang.

As Einsteinian arithmetic can just create disfigured bio-frame reenactments, through space-time, the Middle’s Regal Individual of Solution, Dr. George Cockburn, together with the Inside’s chief (the writer of this article), considered that standard science must be naturally cancer-causing. The 1937 Nobel laureate in solution, Szent-Gyorgyi, had additionally landed at that end. He considered that awareness developed as one with the Einsteinian energies of bedlam. Szent-Gyorgyi contended that inside the human digestion, the passionate clash of being compelled to live under an unnatural entropic burden was meddling with the sound development of human cognizance, adding to tumour development.

The chief of the Inside’s work then focussed upon the working of the synergistic world-see determined by the well-known American specialist, Buckminster Fuller. Fuller’s work was developed upon the antiquated workmanship arithmetic of C60 fullerene. Both contended along comparative lines to Sir C P Snow and Szent-Gyorgyi. The Science-Workmanship Center, drawing upon the tumour speculations of Dr. Cockburn, utilized 3-D glasses with filter kilter electromagnetic lensing, to find if specialists throughout the hundreds of years had unwittingly delineated shrouded holographic pictures inside their artistic creations. This in this manner ended up being right.