Why Compost Turners Are So Important In Agriculture


In agriculture and farming, agriculture equipment plays a crucial role. Whether it is for sowing seeds, watering plants or cutting the crops, every procedure can be done with the help of this equipment. The best part of this equipment is that it requires less time and finishes the work in a hassle-free way. If we’re talking about the best agriculture equipment then we cannot forget about compost turners. These turners are widely demanded in agriculture for the purpose of biological decomposition of organic matter into compost.

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Right from preparing compost to clearing the farming field, there’s a long list of advantages related to this equipment which makes it important equipment for agriculture. Let’s have a look at each point that contributes to making this equipment an important and beneficial tool for agriculture:

Enhances the quality of the soil

One thing that matters a lot in agriculture is the quality of soil on which crops and plants will be grown. A high performing turner is well suited to enhance the growth of microbes in the soil. Increased microbial growth is ideal for good air circulation in the soil. This will ultimately lead to an improvement in the soil’s quality.

Creating compost on a large scale

Compost is the organic fertiliser which helps in the growth of the plants and flowers. One of the major benefits which are related with this turner is that it is able to produce compost on a large scale. This helps in saving a lot of time and manual labour. Compost turners are equipped with sturdy steel drum and paddles that are widely demanded the quick turning of compost.

Helps in reducing the need for chemicals

These turners mainly blend the compost for maintaining their nutrients. This helps in reducing the utilisation of chemicals in agriculture. Use of chemicals not only degrades the quality of soil but also affects the plant’s growth.

Ideal for proper blending of the compost

Compost turner is specially designed with paddles and large steels drum which helps in turning the compost on a large scale in less time. With this tuner, all the organic material such as manure, crop residue, and other biodegradable wastes get properly mixed.

Saves a lot of time

No doubt, manual composting can be time-consuming. It can also require a large labour force. The utilisation of turner has aided in saving time and reducing the workers to a great extent.

Reduces the transportation loss

Along with excellent blending of nutrients, one major advantage is that it helps in the proper handling of the compost. It has been seen many times that handling of compost by the labour force causes a lot of transportation loss. Compost turner significantly lower this cost.

No doubt, compost turners are considered highly beneficial equipment for agriculture processes. These turners help in giving a proper blend to the fibres & nutrients available in the compost, reducing handling & transportation loss, composting on a large scale and many more. Due to these reasons, turners are important for farming and agriculture.