When to Hire to an Auto Insurance Attorney

Insurance agent working on car accident claim process

Filing an insurance claim can be complicated and time-consuming. But it’s difficult to decide whether you need an auto insurance attorney to approach the insurance company on your behalf, especially at the beginning of your case. So, when should you seek legal help and when is it just fine to face the insurance representatives yourself?

auto insurance attorny
Insurance agent working on car accident claim process

Well, most of the time it is just advisable that you find a lawyer regardless of the weight of the case. If you can find one that works on a contingency basis from a law firm who puts you first, the better. A good lawyer will assess your situation and try to determine if you have a case – all without charging a dime. When the consultation is free, it means you are getting professional legal counsel without risk.

In words of one syllable, any case would do better if a lawyer is involved, albeit lawyers are more useful in some cases than others. Read on for some of the cases that you simply shouldn’t maneuver without an auto insurance lawyer.

When there are serious injuries: It is important to note that while the at-fault party’s insurance company is likely to approach you with a settlement offer immediately after the accident, chances are they will try to lowball you. Some injuries may set you back a fortune in medical bills and lost income, something that you need to be compensated for. A seasoned auto insurance lawyer will assess your case and propose an offer that takes into account each and every economic and non-economic loss that has resulted due to the injury.

You’re not sure of the seriousness of your injury: Some injuries may seem minor at the moment but then blow up in the future and cost you thousands. If your pain or wound seems to remain the same or get worse even with treatment, a lawyer is the best person to approach. They will ensure you see the right medical professionals and acquaint the insurance company with the long term financial implications of your injuries.

You are worried the treatment is too costly: If you are worried the injuries are going to inflict unaffordable bills on you, then the settlement you are being offered is too low. A lawyer will not only negotiate a better settlement for you but also help organize treatment which you will not pay for until you receive the insurance money.

You missed work: Loss of income is undervalued by insurance companies, usually because the calculation is based on downtime estimation. A lawyer will work with your medical professionals to ensure the compensation covers all your missed work days.

The insurance rejects your claim: If you are only looking to recover damages for minor injuries and a lawyer’s services look unnecessary, you may still need legal representation if the claim is rejected. Remember, if you win the case in court, all legal fees will be covered by the defendant. Again, your lawyer will assess your case and determine if you stand any chance against the insurance company.