The Underwater World and Other Things You Must See In Your Holiday To Hurghada


Hurghada, which is used to be a small fishing village near the Red Sea, now holds most of the tourist spots in Egypt. It is one of the most visited cities in the country because of its enticing beaches. The city prepares over 100 hotel accommodations for the tourist to have a wonderful stay throughout their vacation. This has become the centre for various water sports like sailing, diving, surfing, and snorkeling, swimming and deep-sea fishing.

Exploring the Underwater World in Hurghada

If you want to see the hundreds of varieties of fishes and incredible coral reefs which are just about 10 meters from the ocean, book a summer holiday in Egypt. Look for the best value Hurghada holidays online so that you can save money for your trip. You can also check with your agency if the hotel and water activities that you like to do will be included in the holiday package. Most of the hotels in the beach provide a diving escort to guide you if you want to go for scuba diving. The underwater gardens offshore are very famous among professional divers. The tropical water is what makes it an ideal habitat for different types of rare fish.

Other Things to See in Hurghada
  • The Red Sea Aquarium of Hurghada

This is a good stop that you and your family should make. The exhibit features different fishes and will tell you where or how to spot them in the Red Sea. You will also learn the local and biological name of the species that you have seen when you were snorkeling.

  • The Giftun Islands

Both the small and the big Giftun Island is a great place to visit. This is the home of many underwater and marine attractions which include oceanic white tip sharks, barracudas and whale sharks. The island also offers a spectacular deep waters, caves and canyons as well as corals making it a perfect place for a morning trip. Today, these islands are already considered as a protected marine life.

  • The Dolphin World

If you are in Hurghada you must not miss the opportunity to watch the sea lion, walrus and dolphin tricks or get a chance to swim with them in the water. This might be you only chance to do it. Some people are opposed of keeping the dolphins in captive for tourist than letting them outside and swim in the open. However, developers believed that this is a great way to preserve the marine environment.

  • The Bazaar in El-Dahar

If you want to see a lively market spring visit the town of El- Dahar where all the traditional Egyptian bazaar are displayed including wooden tea tables and polished brassware. This is where you will experience a traditional shopping that you will never forget.

The Underwater gardens and marine biological museums are also among the most famous attractions in Hurghada. Tourist will get a chance to observe the life underwater through special boats which are made of glass. The museum displays a wide variety of flora and fauna collection.