Best Places To See The Fireworks Celebrations Every Year

DENVER, CO - JULY 3: Fourth of July fireworks explode over the City and County building during Independence Eve celebrations at Civic Center Park on July 3, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post)

All over many nations in the world, people have had traditions put in place for marking the celebrations even more glamorous. Fireworks have been used in many parts of the world, but in some countries, the experience has just been tremendous. The following is a list of best places to see the Fireworks celebrations every year.

Sydney Australia

Sydney is one of the most watched worldwide during the New Year’s Eve. The city brightens with sparkling fireworks that leaves everything in its environs so radiant bringing together people present and those watching from other nations of the world to wonder as they celebrate the glorious experience. Data sates that over 2.3 million people all over Australia have this perfect view from the comforts of homes and towns as others totalling to 1.6billion across the planet join in these fireworks which marks Sidney for what it is Sydney Australia, a wonderland of its kind. You should have Australian Visas for experiencing these celebrations.

Disneyland Park USA

The iconic view that hits Disneyland Park during the Fourth of July and on New Year’s Eve sends flames of fireworks to the sky brightening Disney thus giving it a spectacular outlook. Many people in the United States and those that travel to the US for holidays never want to miss the fun in this glow. People burst in melodious sounds and they welcome the New Year consequently exchanging good wishes for the seconds/minutes Year old. At this time of the year, majorly the New Year’s Eve, the snow falls covering the beautiful castle leaving everything illuminated with grace. Most parents bring their children to the park for an opportunity to have a time of their lives as they join the world in these celebrations. These young ones join hands as they decorate the streets awaiting the glorious sparks when the moment arrives.

In Walt Disney World- Orlando, people do not actually need a reason to celebrate fireworks. Unlike in other places in the world, tradition here calls for a pile of reasons to celebrate. This is hence a typical home of nightly firework displays. For best views, tourists can paint their faces with glows in front of the Cinderella’s Castle.


Germany being one of the most attractive countries in the world, the celebration of the New Year’s Eve is felt in the heart of every German home. Others like to call this festive as “Silvester”. At midnight, the Germans celebrate with the world as they toast champagne. Bells from the church begin cracking loudly and fireworks explode from every corner the significance of this being to drive away evil spirits out of the coming year Though much appreciated and celebrated throughout Germany, only those above the age of 18years are allowed to buy and shoot the larger fireworks.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The warmth of New Year is felt all over from the corners of the world’s continents. Here in Brazil, these celebrations are televised and an embrace is made much radiant by the impeccable fireworks shot in the air lighting up the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

The shorelines of Rio de Janeiro become the official nerve centre for thousands of people gathering to experience the startling traditional ceremonies that happen every New Year’s Eve. Brazilians hospitality drives them into feasting together as they observe the glory in the sky welcoming the New Year with such love.

Fireworks have continually marked the world with such immense joy as people traditionally use them to add to their shared beautiful moments. The list provided above guides travellers on places in the world where fireworks can be fully felt and experienced every year.