SKYACTIV: Best Engine Technology from Mazda


Mazda’s passion for perfection in design, engineering and technology stems from its passion to create cars that give its owners a sense of pride as well as an unwritten, almost telepathic communication between the driver and vehicle giving you a heightened pleasure and elevated experience. In this direction, Mazda can be credited for creating on of the most innovative and cleaver set of technology incorporations in its machines based on the philosophy that the need to maintain high fuel economy should not cause performance compromises. This technology came to be known as SkyActiv and featured in their vehicles to improve skeletal strength, better dynamics, improved fuel efficiency in their engines, better performance and finally better safety. Henderson Mazda dealers showed us several cars and SUVs all of which utilize SkyActiv the best engine technology from Mazda that provided better fuel efficiency.

2016 mazda3 5


This is a technology specifically developed for gasoline as well as diesel engines. In gasoline engines, a combination of fuel and air is injected into the cylinders for combustion. SkyActiv-G is a system where this air-fuel mixture is highly compressed while injecting into the cylinders. This ensures in better combustion of the mixture thereby improving efficiency. 

This also reduces wastage of fuel as it’s almost completely used up in the cylinders and converted to energy and as a result, emissions are lowered. The use of SkyActiv-G technology has shown to improve engine performance by a good percentage and can be attributed to better fuel economy in Mazda vehicles.


This is a feature specifically designed for use with the 6-speed automatic transmission and is in place to help in smoother shifts of the gears, more accuracy and better control. This is achieved by combining the best of technologies that go into variable type transmissions (CVTs), dual clutch transmissions and normal automatic transmission systems. This formula is proven to provide high efficient torque transfer that’s akin to manual transmissions and even contributes to increased fuel efficiency.


This is similar in features to the Drive technology above but made specifically for the 6-speed Manual Transmission systems used in some of the Miata’s.


The superb driving experience you get in every Mazda can be attributed to the use of the SkyActiv Platform that enables the Mazda vehicles to use a lighter body and chassis without compromising on strength. This directly contributes to better fuel economy and ensures stability of the vehicles even at high speeds. This is achieved by the extensive but strategic usage of materials such as ultra-high tensile strength steel that are known to demonstrate superb crashworthiness and endurance while maintaining formability and flexibility.

SKYACTIV Vehicle Dynamics

This is one of the most elaborate and well researched of the SkyActiv technologies that goes into Mazda vehicles we checked out at Mazda dealer near Henderson. The SkyActiv Vehicle Dynamics with G-Vectoring Control goes in to very minute details to address vehicle dynamics and is a centered around keeping the drivers free from fatigue caused when driving on long winding roads due to cornering by maintaining stability. This proves the extent to which Mazda’s engineers and designers go to, to ensure you a smooth ride and keep you feeling great even as you alight.