Secure Your Cargo While Travelling This Summer


The summer is near and my girlfriend is pretty pumped up to go surfing again. Me, I’m more excited about mountain biking. We have so many great places to do both where we live. Many people move to our area to explore the outdoors and enjoy nature as our amazing backdrop.

We differ, but no matter what, we love to get out and explore the outdoors. We have lots of mutual friends who we can go with and share rides to our destination. But if we want to go alone or just the two of us, we have a major problem. We don’t have a vehicle that will safely transport our cargo to our destination.  Our friends do and we get rides with them most of the time, but we’re stuck when we go alone.

My girlfriend is a bit stressed about getting her board safely out of our local surfing area. She was telling me how she simply straps her board down to her roof. When I heard this is thought was a risky way of transporting her board. The board could fall off at any time while driving a cause a massive accident. She’d also be out a $1000 surfboard.

Since I like to mountain bike and she likes to surf, we needed to find a better way to transport her board and my bike. I simply put it in the bed of my truck, which works, but it isn’t strapped down to anything.

We started to search for car racks in Victoria on Google and came across All Seasons Auto Racks. They had all their products listed online which was convenient for us. But we weren’t sure how everything worked. So we went in to talk to the staff there.

As it turns out we needed a base rack system. Then we had to by a rook rack for her surfboard. This would ensure where the board would be safely secured to not fly off or damage the car.

When it came time for my bike, I had so many different options. I could get a rear, hitch or roof mounted bike rack. It’s nice to have options and I thought it would be best to get a roof mounted rack to go with the base rack system that will hook up to my girlfriend’s surfboard rack. It would save us lots of money going this route as well.

We’re looking forward to this summer and getting outdoors and exploring our beautiful island. We can even get out now as our spring has been amazing.

We can do so now knowing that our bike and surfboard will be secured safely thanks to All Seasons Auto Racks who has lots of great stuff in stock that I would have never guessed. From tonneau covers and other truck accessories, they have it all.

So if you want to safely secure your bike, surfboard, kayak or canoe, be sure to get a base rack system for your vehicle.