Pound a nail with the correct hammer


On the whole tradesmen, contractors, workmen, and handymen have a choice about the sort of the hammer they utilise while they happen to carry on work on a project. You frequently pick various kinds of hammers founded on whether you are finishing, demolishing or building. As you can already have a favourite hammer for doing various jobs, it would be appropriate to tell something below about some draws of utilising a titanium hammer in place of a steel hammer. Here are some reasons the titanium hammers are worth their cost

Titanium hammers tend to be lightweight and easy to utilise

A titanium hammer tends to be very much light in weight as opposed to a steel hammer. As a result, you can strike a nail in very fast because you do not happen to swing an incredibly heavy hammer. You are in the capacity to make several swings as you use a titanium hammer due to the rate pertaining to the transfer of energy. Hence it will not make you get exhausted as fast as you can get tired while utilising a steel hammer. In case it is hard for you to believe it and is not sure, you better conduct an experiment, and you will see yourself the favourable results and choose hammer online purchase.


The titanium hammers possess claws and holding slits just as steel hammers; therefore you will be not be going to renounce those minute conveniences in case you go for a titanium hammer. It is known to all the worth of being capable of taking out crooked nails and drive them in according to your plan if you get hammer online India made of titanium.

Transfer energy very effectively

Above as explained how you are capable of swaying the titanium hammer fewer times as compared to a steel hammer and you still complete your task with rapidity. The reason responsible for such swiftness is that as you use the titanium hammer, you place ninety-seven per cent of the energy of the hammer swing when you strike in a nail. As you are using a steel hammer, merely seventy per cent of the energy of the hammer swing will be driving in a nail.

Handle material choices

In case you make a decision to use a titanium hammer, it will not make you give up the ease of using your preferred hammer handle. The titanium hammers can be found in three kinds of handles which may include thermoplastic rubber, wood, and fibre-glass. The most favourable way of picking the better handle for the titanium hammer may be to choose what will be very much convenient for you.

The steel hammer still alive

You are not needed to worry if you carry a steel hammer to your job site. A number of people still choose steel hammer over titanium one for the process of demolition as the weight of the hammer is too much. Any steel hammer is approximately forty-five per cent heavy as opposed to a comparable titanium hammer.