The Brief Guide That Makes Honoring Fallen Police Officers Simple

May 15th begins National Police Week. During this time, we take a minute to honor the fallen police officers in our communities.

There are many things that you can do to show your support. Donate to families who have lost an officer that they love.

If you have lost someone, set flowers at their grave or participate in a candlelight memorial. You can also fly a thin blue line flag in your yard.

As you can see, there’s no wrong way to go about it. Check out this guide to learn more about what you can do this year.

Thin Blue Line Flag

A thin blue line flag is a white and black American flag with a blue line drawn through the middle. Displaying one in your yard showcases your respect for the active-duty officers in your community while also honoring the fallen ones.

You can fly it in your yard on a flag pole, or if you want to go a little more subtle, putting a small one in your garden will work as well. Some people put a thin blue flag wreath on their door to show their support too.

Candlelight Memorial

Every year some communities band together to hold candlelight vigil memorial services for fallen officers. Most of the time, these take place outside a park or some other public area.

So, during the week of May 15th, check around to find out if one of these is going on and consider participating.

Flowers and Momentos

If you knew a fallen officer, take a moment to leave flowers, police challenge coins, wreaths, and other mementos at their gravesite. It can be a beautiful way to connect with someone that you love.

Some states have organizations that go around and put flowers on every fallen police officer’s grave during National Police Week. If there’s something like this going on in your state, signing up is perfect for showing support.

Give Donations

Losing someone you care about can be challenging. Many police families go through this each year. Most of the time, a Go Fund Me is going on for these families.

While this helps, showing some additional support never hurts. You may not know these families personally, but the police departments do.

You can reach out to them and find out where you can leave your donations.

Project Blue Light

If you’re looking for a simple way to honor fallen officers, you can take part in project blue light.

Every holiday season, homeowners commemorate officers by displaying a single blue light in their windows.

Honoring Fallen Police Officers

Every May, many people commemorate fallen police officers by participating in National Police Week.

You can do something as simple as shine a blue light in your window or help the community by donating to families who have lost someone. Every little thing helps.

If you’re looking for more ways to participate in your community during National Police Week and beyond, visit our blog.


Can I Grow Peach Trees Outside In The UK?

Would you like to buy peach fan trees for your garden? UK gardeners are becoming increasingly adventurous when it comes to growing fruits in their gardens. For instance, there is no reason why you should not buy nectarine fan trees for your garden when you see them for sale.

If you can protect them from frost, both nectarines and peaches can do well in UK gardens. It is not actually the tree which is susceptible to frost, it is the fruit and blossoms. However, there are several ways in which peach and nectarine trees will happily grow in your garden.

Can I Grow Nectarines And Peach Trees Permanently In My Garden?

Living in south of England, offers you many more opportunities when it comes to what fruit trees that you can grow in your garden. Growing more exotic fruits further north is more challenging.

One of the best ways to add nectarines and peaches to your garden crop, is to grow them in a pot. It does mean moving them inside during the cooler part of the year, but at least you will still end up with another fruit in your larder.

When your peach or nectarine tree is grown directly in your garden, growing them against a south facing wall will produce the best results. The wall will warm up and help the tree to support the fruit.

Do I Need to Feed The Trees?

Yes, you do need to feed the trees. The grower that you bought your trees from will be able to give you advice. A good quality fertilizer is essential when you want to ensure you get a good crop from the peaches and nectarines.

Can I grow them in a walled garden? Wall gardens are perfect for both peach and nectarine trees. When you buy peach fan trees, you will often find that they are being grown as part of a walled garden setting. But even when you don’t have a wall garden, there is no reason why you should not buy nectarine fan trees.

Good Companion Plants For Peaches And Nectarines

The best companion plants for peaches and nectarines include beans, peas and clover. You will find that this rather magical combination which will attract many pollinators such as bees to your garden.

During the Victorian era, peaches and nectarines where often grown in gardens. It is about time we became just as experimental as Victorian gardeners and tried growing some more exotic varieties of fruit in our gardens.


Style Guide for the Trendy Vintage Jewelry

Ounass Qatar! Get Stylish Vintage Jewelry in Striking Colors

Jewelry fascinates women more than men. The reason can be artistic cues or the spirit to look beautiful or they find jewelry as an impressive kind of investment. Sometimes, certain pieces of jewelry have family sentiments or romantic gestures. These days, the trend to wear vintage jewelry is getting more attention all over the world. Women love to find rings, earrings, necklaces, and brooch in vintage style. If you are interested in getting quality jewelry, just use Ounass Coupon Code and find your desired items at a discount. 

Foundation of Vintage Trend 

The jewelry items that are almost 60 to 100 years old are considered vintage jewelry. In other words, the jewelry items related to 1920 to 1970 are part of vintage. These days, vintage-inspired items are available to satisfy your craving. Mid Century ornaments, Retro, and Art Deco are the basic vintage trends. 

How to Carry Vintage Jewelry

Jewelry gives confidence when it is selected according to luxury etiquettes. Occasion, hairstyle, neckline, outfit, and material matters a lot while choosing high-end vintage charms. Side by side, select the jewelry that can be used in the winter and summer seasons without any difference.

  • Necklace

It is possible to make vintage ornaments elegant by layering the necklace. Pick a modern style choker and standard collier to develop an outstanding effect. Combine different designs of necklaces and try to match them with your pendant necklace. Alternatively, silver jewelry adds dimension when it is matched with gold. Dresses having deep neckline permit to wear long necklaces whereas a short piece is perfect with a short dress. Small pendants and lariat look impressive with short as well as long dresses. 

  • Ring

As far as rings are concerned, there is the possibility to mix and match the vintage and latest styles. It does not add refinement but gives an attention-grabbing look as well. It is noticed that engagement rings are demanded to design in vintage and modern style to show uniqueness and glamour. Receive Ounass Coupon Code for getting the best vintage pieces within your range.

  • Bracelet

It is impressive to wear manifold bracelets. If it looks odd, just begin with three bracelets that you can wear comfortably. Definitely, your dress influences on the type of jewelry. If your dress has long sleeves, do not try bracelets. 

  • Earrings

Keep in mind the shape, length, and color of earrings impact your look. With short hair, you are allowed to carry large and long earrings. These earrings are ideal if you have combed back the hair. With vintage statement earrings, do not wear other statement items. 

Matching and mixing vintage and modern jewelry is a fun game. You can mix silver, gold with other metals for an exclusive jewelry combination. Many small rings or numerous bracelets can be mixed at a time. The color of jewelry plays a role in elevating the appearance, so select the same family colors like blue and green or orange and red. Choose Ounass Coupon Code for getting striking vintage jewelry for an understated look. 


The Different Types Of Security Bollards

Security bollards are more often seen installed at various places in order to restrict the entry of vehicles, people or animals to some area or place. As an instance, such bollards are commonly used in the parking lots, in front of the malls, showrooms, houses, or at sites where some construction work is going on. Of course, security-bollards prove to be of great use as these restrict entry to some prohibited areas and at the same time warn the public about some dangers. The main purpose of using the bollards is to provide security to some structures, areas or other things from some known or unknown threats. Different types of security bollards such as bollards of timber are available around. These may be chosen as per one’s unique needs. Some of the commonly used security bollards are being discussed below:-

Bollards made from metal

Suggested by the name, such security bollards are basically manufactured from sturdy metals. These may be manufactured from stainless steel, steel, cast iron, aluminum, and other sturdy materials. These are quite heavy, strong, and highly durable. These are generally installed at the place of usage permanently so as to offer tighter and higher security to the targeted structures or the places. These may last for years-long without the need to repair or replace the same.

Bollards made from wood

Again it is a great option for the security bollards that is used commonly at numbers of places publicly. The timber bollards may even be used indoors without intervening with the aesthetic appeal of the given place. Generally, water-resistant wood is used or it is coated with such materials that resist water efficiently. 

Concrete bollards

Indicated by the name, these security bollards are manufactured from concrete materials. These are generally manufactured and installed at the targeted place. Since concrete materials are used for manufacturing these bollards therefore these tend to be quite heavier than the other types of security bollards. Also, these are highly durable and resistant to different types of atmospheric conditions and factors.

Plastic bollards

Plastic bollards are popularly and commonly used at such places where there is the need to move the same more often. These bollards are lighter than the other types of bollards and hence can be moved freely from one place to the other. The bollards that are used in parking lots are generally made from plastic as these may be moved as per one’s requirements to create space. 

There are so many options for the security bollards available around. As per the unique requirements for the given place and personal preferences of the users, any of the options may be chosen. This in turn assures total safety and security of the given place or area in all respects. 


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Combination Locks?

Combination locks are almost as old as regular, key locks. A lot of people prefer them over key locks because you don’t need to carry a key with you! That one factor alone is one of the main reasons the locks are so popular today! If you’re on the hunt for a combination lock for yourself, you can’t just go into it blindly, you have to consider a few things before deciding to buy the combination lock. In this post, we’ll be going over 5 “key” things you need to keep in mind before getting a combination lock, to make sure it’s the best one for you!

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Combination Locks?

Before you buy a combination lock, ask yourself these 5 questions to determine which one will work the best in your home

What do you need it for?

This is by far the most important thing you need to consider before buying a combination lock. Picking up just any lock won’t work, you need to know what you’re trying to protect! Let’s say you need to protect a gate to a restricted area, you’ll have to get a heavy-duty combination lock, a regular small backpack lock won’t work for you. Once you’ve answered this question, your “pool of choices” will already become a lot smaller! And we’re only on point number 1!

The amount of space you’re going to have

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when getting a combination lock is to not keep its size in mind. Some locks are borderline massive while others are super tiny! The issue here is that if the hook your lock is supposed to go on, is too small or too big for your lock, it simply won’t fit and will end up being useless! So, you need to measure the size of the hook, and keep the size of the shackle in mind and make sure it will fit before you buy it!

Do you need to use the lock indoors or outdoors?

The next thing you need to keep in mind is where the lock needs to be used. If you just need to lock a close inside the house, almost any lock will do. But if you’re trying to lock, let’s say your tool shed outside the home, you’ll need to get something that’s stronger, and more importantly, is weatherproof. This will ensure that whether there’s rain, dust, heat, or snow, your lock is going to stay intact until you unlock it yourself!

Do you want to go old school, or digital?

There are two types of combination locks, the old school ones that have the dial (or dials) on them where you spin them to enter the combination, or digital ones where you can either digitally type them in or type them in and use your fingerprint to unlock it. Depending on what you’re trying to guard, and the environment it’s going to be in, will determine which type of lock goes where!

Does it come with added security features?

While some combination locks are strong but relatively simple, meaning that they only really have the dial to protect your things, others tend to kick it up a notch! If you want to keep your possessions as secure as they possibly can, go for a lock that has added security features like a fingerprint scanner! This way you’ll be sure that even if someone knows your code, they can’t open the lock without your fingerprint!

If you can’t understand any of these things, or simply don’t have the time to go through all of this, an easier way is to contact a Locksmith in Chicago, or a recommended locksmith in your area, and have them either survey the place you need to lock, or just consult them over the phone so they can recommend the type of combination lock you should go for!