The Different Types Of Security Bollards

Security Bollards

Security bollards are more often seen installed at various places in order to restrict the entry of vehicles, people or animals to some area or place. As an instance, such bollards are commonly used in the parking lots, in front of the malls, showrooms, houses, or at sites where some construction work is going on. Of course, security-bollards prove to be of great use as these restrict entry to some prohibited areas and at the same time warn the public about some dangers. The main purpose of using the bollards is to provide security to some structures, areas or other things from some known or unknown threats. Different types of security bollards such as bollards of timber are available around. These may be chosen as per one’s unique needs. Some of the commonly used security bollards are being discussed below:-

Bollards made from metal

Suggested by the name, such security bollards are basically manufactured from sturdy metals. These may be manufactured from stainless steel, steel, cast iron, aluminum, and other sturdy materials. These are quite heavy, strong, and highly durable. These are generally installed at the place of usage permanently so as to offer tighter and higher security to the targeted structures or the places. These may last for years-long without the need to repair or replace the same.

Bollards made from wood

Again it is a great option for the security bollards that is used commonly at numbers of places publicly. The timber bollards may even be used indoors without intervening with the aesthetic appeal of the given place. Generally, water-resistant wood is used or it is coated with such materials that resist water efficiently. 

Concrete bollards

Indicated by the name, these security bollards are manufactured from concrete materials. These are generally manufactured and installed at the targeted place. Since concrete materials are used for manufacturing these bollards therefore these tend to be quite heavier than the other types of security bollards. Also, these are highly durable and resistant to different types of atmospheric conditions and factors.

Plastic bollards

Plastic bollards are popularly and commonly used at such places where there is the need to move the same more often. These bollards are lighter than the other types of bollards and hence can be moved freely from one place to the other. The bollards that are used in parking lots are generally made from plastic as these may be moved as per one’s requirements to create space. 

There are so many options for the security bollards available around. As per the unique requirements for the given place and personal preferences of the users, any of the options may be chosen. This in turn assures total safety and security of the given place or area in all respects.