The Brief Guide That Makes Honoring Fallen Police Officers Simple

Police Officers

May 15th begins National Police Week. During this time, we take a minute to honor the fallen police officers in our communities.

There are many things that you can do to show your support. Donate to families who have lost an officer that they love.

If you have lost someone, set flowers at their grave or participate in a candlelight memorial. You can also fly a thin blue line flag in your yard.

As you can see, there’s no wrong way to go about it. Check out this guide to learn more about what you can do this year.

Thin Blue Line Flag

A thin blue line flag is a white and black American flag with a blue line drawn through the middle. Displaying one in your yard showcases your respect for the active-duty officers in your community while also honoring the fallen ones.

You can fly it in your yard on a flag pole, or if you want to go a little more subtle, putting a small one in your garden will work as well. Some people put a thin blue flag wreath on their door to show their support too.

Candlelight Memorial

Every year some communities band together to hold candlelight vigil memorial services for fallen officers. Most of the time, these take place outside a park or some other public area.

So, during the week of May 15th, check around to find out if one of these is going on and consider participating.

Flowers and Momentos

If you knew a fallen officer, take a moment to leave flowers, police challenge coins, wreaths, and other mementos at their gravesite. It can be a beautiful way to connect with someone that you love.

Some states have organizations that go around and put flowers on every fallen police officer’s grave during National Police Week. If there’s something like this going on in your state, signing up is perfect for showing support.

Give Donations

Losing someone you care about can be challenging. Many police families go through this each year. Most of the time, a Go Fund Me is going on for these families.

While this helps, showing some additional support never hurts. You may not know these families personally, but the police departments do.

You can reach out to them and find out where you can leave your donations.

Project Blue Light

If you’re looking for a simple way to honor fallen officers, you can take part in project blue light.

Every holiday season, homeowners commemorate officers by displaying a single blue light in their windows.

Honoring Fallen Police Officers

Every May, many people commemorate fallen police officers by participating in National Police Week.

You can do something as simple as shine a blue light in your window or help the community by donating to families who have lost someone. Every little thing helps.

If you’re looking for more ways to participate in your community during National Police Week and beyond, visit our blog.