How did TikTok become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world?


Go back a year or two, and you would find that social media felt a whole lot less chaotic and confusing. We had a few major social media platforms – Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter – to pick from, as well as smaller and more niche platforms. Then, in 2018, everything began to change quite drastically. The development of a very popular Chinese social media tool famed for its ease of use and compelling delivery style was made clear – and it would be arriving globally in 2018. This, of course, is the global phenomenon TikTok.

Known for having massive accounts that are major influencers in their fields, as well as the ideal place to share video content, TikTok offers opportunities not available on other social media platforms. And since it is relatively new still, too, there is a still a chance for people to make a chance at developing a persona and a profile. Other social media websites can feel too competitive and saturated.

With TikTok still a relatively untapped gold mine for influencers, though, many are choosing to buy TikTok likes in a bid to get a head start on the competition. This helps you to enjoy a simpler, easier experience that delivers one of the easiest and most popular social media opportunities today. With so many influencers and businesses using TikTok to help amplify their marketing, it is easy to see where the positivity comes from with this particular app.

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Humble beginnings

Of course, TikTok did not simply arrive one day and take over the social media scene. It started out in 2016, when it was created as the social media app Douyin. The app continued to slowly expand and grow across the Chinese scene, where users were quick to take the app up and start creating profiles for themselves. By 2017, the company was already looking to expand outside of China.

The app was launched by experts ByteDance in nations outside of China. Despite using the same software as one another, Douyin and TikTok share different networks due to Chinese censorship controls. This means that the launch of TikTok, launched globally in 2018, was able to grow far quicker due to the already strong reputation that it held back in China.

With many Chinese students and expats living across the world taking the app upon its expansion outside of China, many others followed suite. Today, the app is one of the most commonly used in the world and has been rated as among the most popular and most commonly downloaded apps in all of 2020.

For that reason, the app continues to grow both in terms of users and those who are using the app to try and make a social media career for themselves. Its innovative style paired with its massive uptake among the young means that TikTok is sure to be part of the social media scene as we head into this next decade.