6 Ways to Help Your Children Not Fear Dental Procedures

Child Dental Procedures

Getting kids to enjoy a trip to the dentist is a sure way to help them associate the dentist’s visit with positive emotions.

While in the short term, this will help you get your little ones to the dentist without fuss, it helps them build healthy oral habits that will last them a lifetime.

Below are ways to help your child be comfortable in a dentist’s chair.

Get them started early

Begin teaching your child good oral hygiene as early as you can. It is even more critical now with the rising cases of tooth decay among children according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Making dental visits while your child is young will make them become comfortable in a dentist’s office and get used to the dental procedures. As they grow older, they will come to see regular dentist visits as part of their health routine.

Dental experts recommend your child visiting a dentist six months after their first tooth or by age one.

This may mean getting your child comfortable in the dentist chair and opening their mouth for the dentist to have a quick look to ensure all is fine.

Make it all about the kids

You are used to your dentist, the clinical environment and noises associated with a visit to the dentist. You know each procedure and what to expect, and you are comfortable there.

Visiting a pediatric dentist that specializes in child dental health may be a good option for your child, especially for their younger years.

The environment and office setting of a family dentist are often designed to appeal to young people. Making sure to choose a dental provider that caters to children such as Canley Heights Dentist ensures your child’s unique needs are met.

Ambient, brightly coloured walls are likely to help your child feel at ease. There is generally always some form of entertainment on offer to keep your child distracted while their dental treatment is in full swing.

Schedule a pre-appointment visit

Pretend visits are another great way to familiarize your child with a dentist’s office. The tour helps your kid to learn more about what to expect when they go to the dentist.

They can build rapport with the dentist and staff, which is necessary for a fuss-free dental procedure when they are ready.

Be sure to inform the dentist beforehand if your child is nervous, as this will give them ample time to prepare the appropriate way to handle a nervous patient.

Reward your child

It is quite tempting to attempt to bribe your child to get them to a dentist’s office. But, instead of bribing, why not reward them for good habits.

Rewarding them for good behaviours during the appointment could encourage them to continue behaving well. It may also be an incentive for them for future visits.

Talk positively to your child

To help your kids develop a positive attitude towards a dental visit, you must speak positively about the procedures.

Let them know why it is essential for their health to have a dental procedure.

Also, pay attention to your attitude towards the dentist; it may surprise how much kids can pick from observing how you react!

Everyday oral care

As parents and carers, we have a responsibility for the everyday oral health of our children. Instil good daily practices for looking after your little one’s teeth.

Teach and encourage them to brush their teeth twice a day and to do so correctly. Supervise this until your child is old enough to do it by themselves.

By doing this, you are working towards your children having healthy teeth, thus ensuring that visits to the dentist are for check-ups only and do not involve any significant dental work. This makes dental visits all the more enjoyable.

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