What Everyone Needs To Know About “Name A Star” Gift?


Looking for the ideal present can sometimes become tedious. When it comes to gifting, natural ready-made gifts can go out of style. To make moment special, the Star Naming Service has come up with a unique way to commemorate events. Be it a bridal shower, a wedding gift, birthday presents or a long distance keepsake for a loved one, you can name a star after someone and stargaze via an application to spot the star in real-time! It is as dazzling as it sounds and for a small sum, the experts at the Star Naming Service do the needful without asking twice.

Star Naming Service

When you pick a star, you can choose between fourteen-star certificates to gift your loved ones. The customizations are endless with popular picks between the given options. The star certificates are printed on high-quality paper and can be framed or engraved to hang on a wall or gift it to a particular family member or friend. If that is not all, you can even register a star to the interstellar database which makes this gift all the more priceless!

The star can be located via the application on the mobile phone. Just point at the night sky and find your star. It is not a barcode or a QR code that comes randomly over the screen. Your star remains unique to you and can be seen only via your application. The service can be taken over a quality package which involves a personal dedication to a close one, with the choice of 2, 3 or 4 customized star maps, registry into the stellar international database and the type of star based on your budget.

You can choose from dedicating just a star, a binary star and a 100% visual star that is bound to show up in the night sky. It can be visible via the planetarium software and is easy to install and manage.

To celebrate their existence during special occasions and after death, the service caters to making planetary dispositions accessible to human beings and what more can be a special than a star dedicated to someone as unique! The certificates get delivered within 15 business days without any delays, faults or mishaps. You can also order duplicate copies for safekeeping purposes. Gifting can be done overseas as well within the required business days, revolutionizing the entire concept of gifting.

Gift-wrapped or handed as a telegraph, these certificates can be kept safely for the longest time possible and can be appreciated by all age groups. You can apply for a star certificate online or contact your local centre for the same.

Priceless moments never go out of hand, and precious gifts make it all the more amazing. With a guaranteed customer database, the Star Naming Service has catered to multiple gifting requests in India, Ireland, USA, Switzerland and various countries across the world. It is a trusted website for cherishing beautiful people in life, who leave a mark even after years of their demise.