Vladimir Putin’s Unique Offer To Women

Vladimir Putin's Unique Offer To Women

To increase the number of people living in Russia, Vladimir Putin, the country’s president, has provided financial incentives to women who have ten or more children. The statement was made by Vladimir Putin, and according to reports from foreign media outlets, it stated that the state will bestow the honorary title of “Mother Heroine” on mothers who have ten or more children. The government has given its blessing to a plan that was proposed by Vladimir Putin and entails reviving the honorary title of ‘Mother Heroine’ from the period of the Soviet Union as well as awarding a woman with sizeable cash for having ten or more children. According to the rumors that have surfaced in the media, Putin’s announcement states that mothers who give birth to ten children would be compensated 13,500 pounds for each child. Reports from international media indicate that Russia is currently dealing with a population drop, which is said to have accelerated significantly after the rapid spread of the worldwide coronavirus epidemic and the invasion of Ukraine. On the other hand, Russian specialists have expressed their dissatisfaction with this endeavor. Dr. Mathers stated, in response to a question about the program, that Russian President Putin thinks that people who have big families tend to be more patriotic. The statement comes after the biggest number of reported cases of the coronavirus in recent years and the loss of over 50,000 Russian servicemen in the war with Ukraine to fill the hole. can depart. Several sectors of the announcement claim the move comes after these two events. Experts in Russia believe that this is an effort to persuade Russian women to have more children and start larger families.