The Undeniable Addiction of the Escape Room


An Escape room is a unique experience that offers the players many benefits, with tough puzzles to solve that require a range of skillsets, and with 3 – 6 players, the team combine their energy with a joint goal of solving the puzzle within a 60-minute timeframe.

Escape Room

Range of Scenarios

There are many escape room themes that are designed to really test the players, and themes are regularly changed. It might, for example, be a grisly murder and armed with some witness statements and the visual clues hidden at the crime scene, the team have to combine their talents to figure out who the murderer is, and they have one hour to solve the mystery and escape the room. There are providers of local party events in Leeds who are professional escape room organisers, making your party a truly memorable event for everyone.

Corporate Training

Sending your team into an escape room gives them hands-on experience of working under pressure, and the puzzles are carefully designed to bring out the best in the players. Skills like;

  • Critical thinking
  • Analysis
  • Cooperation
  • Leadership

If you include a visit to the escape room in your corporate training program, this will give your key players valuable hands-on experience is working together to overcome problems and achieve the goal.

The escape room is ideal for a unique party, and you can ask the family to join in and together you can try your hand at solving some very difficult puzzles, and escape the room in time.