Incidence of stomach pains during the course of pregnancy


Pretty much on the lines of heart medications while pregnant, stomach problems are a major issue during the tenure of pregnancy. You need to be aware on when it becomes a major cause of concern. You should be aware about the various types of pregnancy pains and how you can cope up with it.

stomach pains during the course of pregnancy

At 7 months stomach pains during the tenure of pregnancy

As stressed upon stomach pains during the period of pregnancy is a routine affair. This is all the more so when the pregnancy progresses. The main reason could be that the muscles of the abdomen are stretching with the presence of ligaments in the pelvis. Coupled with the fact that the organs are being squeezed, moving around that applies pressure on to the stomach and the ribs. This stretching along with moving could cause a lot of discomfort.


The contractions are going to start when you are pregnant at 7 months. But these normally tend to be false contractions and go by the name of Braxton Hicks that are false contractions. In case if you are suffering from false contractions you would figure out that the uterus becomes hard or a rolling sensation is being felt across the belly. Once you reach the end of your pregnancy you are going to witness an increase in the amount of false contractions which does increase in strength. They could even last for a few hours and you might not even notice them.

Kidney or bladder pain

There is some type of pregnancy pains that could arise due to bladder infections. If you leave it untreated it could lead to a kidney infection. In case if you suspect a bladder infection it is better to discuss with your doctor.

Ligament pain

On the top region of your uterus you would come across round ligament which attaches itself to the groin. When a stretching is witnessed this could cause a lot of stomach pains during pregnancy and once you move along acne could develop. Though this type of pains can hurt a little but in most cases it is painless and harmless.


This could be a type of pain that occurs when the wall of your uterus might have gone on to thicken. With the aid of an ultrasound you can diagnose the cause with the symptoms being relatively less. The only symptom that you can figure out would be some degree of pain over the uterus.

Intestinal distress

Some of the other common stomach pains during the course of pregnancy are diarrhoea, constipation along with indigestion.  A silver lining is that most of these symptoms are normally and there are going to fade away on their own once your pregnancy is over.

There are some home remedies which you can try at your home to get rid of these symptoms. But still if the issue is becoming a major cause of concern, it would be better to seek the guidance of a health care provider.