The Many Faces of Aviator Sunglasses


The Many Faces of Aviator Sunglasses

How many different ways have actors rocked aviators in mainstream films like Top Gun and The Terminator? Far too many to count. Be that as it may, aviators continue to be one of the best-selling models of sunglasses worldwide. It is hard to believe Bausch & Lomb knew what they were getting into when they designed the very first pair for the U.S. military decades ago.

Aviators are loved by so many people because they have a timeless, universal look that can be matched with just about anything. Let’s face it, cat eye sunglasses just don’t work with every outfit. Neither do wrap-arounds or tiny frames. But you can put aviators with anything. And in fact, the same pair of aviators with different outfits creates a different look entirely.

The Retired Special Ops Soldier

Imagine a tall, muscular fellow sporting a pair of gray slacks and a tight, royal blue T-shirt. His rather short hair is eclipsed only by his dark black aviators in terms of grabbing your attention. Instantly you know there is something different about this guy. Does he work for the government? Is he a spy?

No, he is actually a retired special ops soldier. When he tells you that, you can instantly see it written on his face. Those dark aviators were the same sunglasses he wore on countless missions in top-secret locations. He keeps them as a reminder of life in special ops. He may replace his slacks and T-shirt at some point, but the aviators will live forever.

The Bohemian Artist

Leaving off your conversation with the soldier you resume walking down the street. It’s not long before you encounter a slender lady wearing an eclectic outfit featuring a haphazard conglomeration of men’s and women’s clothing. A ruffled skirt and cardigan draw your attention to a bright white shirt and a colorful bow tie. But it is not until you get a glimpse of her smoky pink aviators with gold rims that it dawns on you: she’s an artist.

There is a fine line between hipster and artist. If it weren’t for the bow tie and the collection of interesting rings covering all her fingers and thumbs, you wouldn’t know the difference. But now you know. Those smoky pink aviators are the crowning look of a Bohemian artist who can get away with wearing anything she wants to wear.

The Russian Mob Boss

Later in the day you run into a dark and mysterious man wearing a V-neck T-shirt, a heavy coat, and a pair of oversized aviators with silver frames. His balding head and five o’clock shadow remind you of something you saw in a movie once. Suddenly you realize that this guy looks like a Russian mob boss.

You engage him in conversation only to discover he’s cool beans and a red-blooded American through and through. Still, you cannot help but notice the look. Everything about him says he is from another country – and he’s not to be messed with.

Universal Appeal

It is possible to continue this line of thinking with fictional aviator wearers, but you get the point. Aviators have this strange and universal appeal that transcends just about every other eyewear style. It is almost surreal when you stop and think about it.

Olympic Eyewear is a Utah company that designs and distributes multiple brands of sunglasses for men and women. They sell as many aviators as anyone else, making the tried-and-true model one of the staples of their business. Other fashions may come and go – and they do with regularity – but aviators seem to endure season after season.