Stress Less: 4 Signs You Should Receive Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

 One in six Australians suffer from dental anxiety, making it one of the country’s most prevalent phobias. This is highly unfortunate for the people who experience it as they may choose to avoid their local clinic out of fear. We work in the industry so we get it: visiting the dentist can be intense for many people.

But we are here to tell you that the industry has come a very long way in recent years. It has come such a long way, in fact, that visiting your clinic is now a relatively pain and stress-free experience. One of the ways that pain and stress are reduced (if not alleviated) is through sleep dentistry.

This is where you will receive a sedative before your procedure. The sedative is designed to help you relax and lull you into a state of heightened comfort. The benefits? Well, pain and stress relief, of course! This is because your brain simply cannot register pain whilst anaesthetised, and this alone should be reason enough for dentophobes to enlist this treatment option.

Here are five signs that the best IV dentist Prahran has is perfect for your needs:

1. You’re scared of the dentist

If you are one of six Australians who experiences dentophobia then you have probably skipped out on a procedure before. You may have been advised to receive treatment or you may have already booked before deciding, “nope, I think I’ll be fine without it!” But leaving a dental problem can be much more problematic then letting it go untreated.

So, if you’re scared of your local clinic, this is totally understandable. But it’s important for you to know that you have a wonderful treatment option at your disposal. Sleep dentistry will lull you into a state of ultimate relaxation for your procedure. This will ensure that you remain cool, calm and pain-free throughout, ensuring a wonderful experience the likes you may not have thought possible before reading this article!

2. You don’t want to experience pain

Because, after all, why would we human beings willingly put ourselves in a position of pain? In the past, this may have been necessary. We’re talking way back, before the advent of sleep dentistry. Today, you don’t need to put yourself through that pain. You can receive a wonderfully peaceful, pain-free treatment, and you will barely notice it happening before you’re back home and kicking back on the couch.

3. You want it over with faster

Many people struggle through waking treatments. Often, this means that the session lasts longer. This is an unfortunate paradox for dentophobes, who end up prolonging the perceived nasty experience just because it is a bit overwhelming for them. If you are looking to bypass all that nonsense then we totally recommend receiving sleep dentistry.

It is the best way to ensure your expert can work quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is sit back in the chair, receive your sedation and, voila, you’ll awake after a much shorter time period having received full treatment.

4. You want more treatment done at once

You may also be worried that you will have to receive treatment over multiple sessions. We get it – that’s a massive drag! But with this fantastic treatment option, your dentist will be able to work faster. This also means that they will be able to provide more treatment in the one session. This is great for people who dread ongoing visits just to treat the same problem.

So, if you think this solution is perfect for you, contact the best clinic Prahran for a stress and pain-free experience!