Security issues most businesses overlook


All business owners know that when you’re setting up your business, it’s important to make sure that the security of the premises is in top shape before you even open. However, some business owners end up doing the bare minimum and think that their business will be okay. More often than not, that’s not what ends up happening. There are a lot of things that seem obvious enough, but get looked over in terms of business security. The little things can add up to become major problems in the long run. So it’s better to deal with them before things get worse!

 In this post, we’re going to be going over 5 of the most common security issues that most businesses overlook, so you don’t end up making the same mistakes and putting your business at risk!

#1: Outdated Security System

Although most people think that having any type of security system is okay, even if it’s super old, it’s important to know that things don’t really work that way. It’s important to keep up with the advancements with time so you can ensure that you’re taking the best care of your business that you possibly can! This means getting rid of the old locks, old cameras, and old controls and having them replaced with a system that’s updated with the times! At the very least, you should get the locks upgraded to something like a biometric lock so you can keep track of everyone that enters and exits the premises and when! This is also very easy to get done. A locksmith in Rochester NY,  or a recommended locksmith in your general area can very quickly upgrade the locks for you, and the more secure the business is!

#2: Not having a strict entry protocol in place

It’s important that everyone that works at the premises, has a valid employee ID and that they’re required to show it every time they want to enter. This is a rule that should apply to everyone, no matter their seniority. Having a strict entry protocol that applies to everyone makes sure that no one that isn’t supposed to be in the building makes it inside, making the overall building a much safer place!

 #3: Lack of staff training and awareness

 Security isn’t just physical, it also needs to include cybersecurity. Your data is often almost just as important as your physical assets! It’s important that your data is as secure as it possibly can be, and that it’s given the same importance you give to physical assets. This doesn’t just mean that you need to be more aware of the data, but also your entire staff. They need to be trained in at least the basics of cybersecurity to ensure that they don’t accidentally fall victim to an attack and subsequently put the entire business at risk! The more awareness your employees have, the safer your business will be overall!

#4: Improper Storage

If you have all of your major assets laying out in the open, they’ll be a lot more vulnerable to being stolen. Think of it as a jewelry store. If jewelry is left out in the open, it’s going to require a team of people constantly watching all the jewelry to make sure that nothing gets stolen or lost. All important assets should be treated like jewelry! Everything needs to be in its place and locked away whenever the assets are going to be unattended to ensure their safety.

#5: Blind Spots

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your business security is leaving blind spots on your cameras or in your premises where a thief could hide! It’s important that your entire space is visible at all times either just by looking at it, or through security cameras. Keeping an eye on the entire place makes it a lot safer!