Hassle free SMS marketing from your excel sheet


Modern businesses depend largely only on marketing. They know that the customers may not be aware of their products and services and hence they might be losing some of them which can go to the competitor and hence business may have to suffer in the long run. There are various tools and techniques used by the marketing experts to enhance the reach of the services and products in a way that can impress the buyers, and as a result, one can have more business from them. The SMS is a powerful tool which can surely hit the cell phone of the user and one has to check the same also. The dominant reason of this is that the competition in the market has increased. A business cannot hold a monopoly in the market for a long time. It is rightly said that what is seen is what is sold. If a customer does not know about a business owner’s product, there are very fewer chances of the product being sold. Hence marketing is a very important aspect of business growth. In the modern era, the advancement of technology has helped the marketing sector in many ways. There are several types of marketing techniques used by a business owner including TV advertisements, radio advertisements, e-mail marketing and social media marketing. Among all these marketing techniques there is one more which is cost-effective, and it can help in growing business, and it is text marketing.

The marketing through SMS:

Text marketing is a less known way of marketing but now as people are being informed about the benefits they are taking benefits of SMS marketing. Text marketing is cost-effective, and it has a sure opening chance. People who are new to marketing may ask why to choose text marketing when email marketing is easily available. A marketing survey conducted recently states that all the text messages received by a mobile phone user are opened in less than 10 seconds whereas an email once delivered gets opened during or after 48 hours of delivery. Hence it is clear that text messages have higher opening rates as compared to emails. One can use SMS excel plugin open source to send messages directly from the excel database of the customers. A business owner can use the SMS sending tool to send informative messages regarding promotional offers, coupons and other such things.

The usefulness:

The government can also use such SMS sending tools to send messages to the public regarding new government schemes, blood donation camps, etc. SMS to Google Spreadsheet is a feature provided by many SMS gateways. This feature is helpful for sending messages to customer right from the Google spreadsheet. It becomes easy when the process is automated hence what a business owner has to do is type in an SMS on SMS extension tool for Google spreadsheet and hit enter. Once the user hits enter all the customers whose contact numbers are filled in the spreadsheet receive the text message. This is convenient because manual doing the whole process is very time-consuming.