Outdoor Living: Landscaping Ideas For Your Backyard Pool


A pool is the perfect focal point for your home’s outdoor space. It provides entertainment, exercise and the ideal spot to cool down. Ideally, the surrounding décor and plants you select will all help bring the focus back to your man-made swimming hole. Read on for a few tips on how best to landscape around a pool without drawing attention away from it.

Provide Ample Seating

Your pool should be surrounded by a plethora of deck chairs in at least two styles: chaise lounges, which are great for relaxing after a swim on a hot day, and upright patio chairs, which are a must for when you’re entertaining. You might also consider a bench or two, which could do double duty as storage space.

Most of your chairs should surround and face the pool—with the exception of those that go around your outdoor table, which obviously will face the table itself. You want all of the seating options to look inviting, so invest in quality chairs with comfortable, weather-proof cushions.

Healthy, happy plants

For safety reasons, your pool should be surrounded by a non-slippery, flat cement area (complete with “No Running” signs). Plants should be kept out of this area to prevent trips and falls, but also because splashes from chlorinated pool water aren’t conducive to plant growth.

In a small backyard, confine plants to beds against the edges of the yard along the fence line. You could also create a separate flowerbed as a second focal point for your yard, but be sure to set it well away from the pool.

Cover up

Just as you probably own a cover-up for your swimsuit, so too should your yard’s various accoutrements be covered. If you have an outdoor speaker system, consider creative ways to hide the speakers; you can find ones that look like rocks or that are small enough to secret away among the plants in your garden.

Also give some thought as to how to cover items like pool pumps and filter systems.  A simple plastic cover might suffice, although more attractive options exist. Perhaps you could hide larger items behind a hedge or even a large decorative rock or statue.

Fun and Games

Once you’ve made the major decisions about the layout of your yard, incorporate some fun items. A hammock is always a nice touch for lazy afternoon poolside naps, or perhaps your family is into cornhole or miniature golf. Finding a way to incorporate extras like these can make your outdoor space more useable and enjoyable for your family and guests.

Your backyard provides you and your family with additional living space for at least half the year—depending on the climate where you live. So its design and layout deserve special consideration. Be creative and plot out your ideas to make sure they’ll work before you break ground. A little planning and forethought will help you end up with the backyard of your dreams.