How To Choose The Right Garage Door


Your garage is an extension of your home. You store your cars there, and you may even use it as a workshop or a place to store your tools and sports equipment. While the garage may or may not be attached to your home, it’s just as important to keep it safe and secure. This means choosing the right garage door. The right door not only provides security, but will also increase the aesthetic appeal of your entire property.

Before you modify or add a new garage door, you’ll need to determine your drive-through width. Doing so will ensure you have enough space to get in and out of the garage without compromising on space or making your entryway awkward.

There are, in general, 5 main garage door styles to choose from, which most manufacturers work with. These include canopy doors, sectional doors, side hinge doors, roller doors, and retractable doors. While you’ll see tons of materials, styles, and designs, most garage doors will fall into one of these categories.

Retractable Doors
Retractable doors are doors that swing outwards and then retract into your garage’s ceiling. If you have this type of door, you’ll need to make sure you have a lot of space in your garage for parking as the hinges for the door take up a good deal of space as well. You’ll need to be able to pull pretty far into the garage for the door to continue working properly. This type of door is easy to install and can be automated or manual.

Retractable doors are often made out of GRP material, ABS, steel, or timber. They’re great for security because they feature up to four latches. The side spring assemblies, on the other hand, will reduce the width you have to drive through, so this isn’t the type of door you want if you have a larger car.

Canopy Doors
Canopy doors swing out and then slide up into the ceiling, too. About 1/3 of the door will stay outside of the garage while it’s open, forming a bit of a hangover. The entire door will mount onto the frame and you don’t need extra tracks to use this door. The installation is pretty simple and you maintain more width for driving through.

Sectional Doors
This type of door is made up with several panels that are hinged horizontally. The door is raised vertically and is pushed back so that it hangs across the to of your garage ceiling. These doors are often made with insulation and offer higher levels of protection against the elements. Security is often better with these as well. These doors are usually made of steel and a DIY kit should take about 4 hours or so to install.

Roller Doors
Roller doors are more flexible and act as a single curtain, rolling up into the ceiling of your garage. The door rolls up and is generally made of steel or aluminum. They can be easily installed by a professional or serious DIY enthusiast.

Side Hinge Doors
Side hinge doors are very traditional and offer a classic feel. They literally have hinges on the outside and open outwards. You need to make sure you have enough clearance to open the door before pulling the car forwards. If you install bolts at the top and the bottom, from the inside, they’re great for security as well.

Take a look at some of the different styles and designs before choosing which type of garage door will work best for your home. You’ll be amazed at the number of options that are out there. Of course, you can also customize whatever you choose, by adding door louvers from Trademark Hardware or altering the paint. It’s up to you, and the possibilities are endless.