Key-Related Car Security Tips You Need to Know

Key-Related Car Security

Cars are one of the most expensive things most of us own. We tend to think that as long as we’ve parked our car in the right location and locked it, it’s going to be safe from any threats of theft. However, that’s not really the case. There are tonnes of key-related mistakes that we tend to make that can put our cars at risk! In this post, we will be going over all of the essential key-related car security tips you need to know to protect your car from being stolen!

1. Remember to Lock It

This one might seem obvious, but a lot of people neglect to lock their car a lot of the time! If they forgot something inside the house and were going to run in and get it really quick, or if they were going to be able to see the car from where they will be sitting, they might just leave the car unlocked. This can be disastrous because any thief that’s scouting the area will see you walk away from your car, without locking it, and swoop in and steal it, or your belongings inside! This can easily be remedied by ensuring that you’re locking your car, every single time you get out of it! Following this tip religiously, will help deter most of the petty thieves from targeting your car!

2. Make Sure Your Key Fob Has Battery

Even though it may seem like the key fob battery runs forever, it actually doesn’t. The fob has a battery inside it that should last you several months easily! Although, this means that eventually, your key fob is going to run out of battery too and this might happen at a time your car is already unlocked, and vulnerable. To avoid this happening to you, make sure you replace the key fob battery as soon as you notice the signal getting weaker. When you are replacing the batteries, also make sure to do it in a private, safe place away from prying eyes to ensure your and the car’s safety!

3. Make Sure Your Keys Aren’t Damaged

Sometimes, even if we do remember to lock the car, it’s the keys themselves that are damaged. Your key could bend out of shape or even break off in the ignition! Both cases would render the key useless. To fix this problem, call a locksmith in Alabaster, or a trusted locksmith in your local area to fix the damaged keys for you! When your keys are in working order, you’ll be able to lock your car without a problem, making the process fast and secure!

4. Be Gentle With the Keys

Keys and Key fobs usually work pretty well. However, if you are a bit aggressive with them, i.e repeatedly pressing the buttons if the car isn’t being unlocked or yanking at the keys if they won’t turn or have gotten stuck, you might end up causing more harm. When you are aggressive with keys, you predispose them to malfunction, which will hinder the entire locking mechanism and leave your car vuncerable! Always remember to be gentle with your keys to ensure they’re going to work properly!

5. Use an RFID Cover for Your Keys

Thieves nowadays have been using signal relaying to steal keyless entry cars. This is done by harnessing the signal from your key fob and using a device to relay the signal to your car. The car will detect the signal as if it were coming from your own key fob and unlock the car easily! The thief would just be able to drive away! This can be avoided by getting an RFID blocking cover for your key fob! That way, no matter where your keys are, the signal won’t get through the cover, keeping your car safe!