How to Burglar Proof Your Doors and Windows

Burglar Proof Your Doors and Windows

When you’re thinking about ways to secure your home, you might think that getting a full, state-of-the-art security system might be your only shot at really making sure no intruders get into your home. However, it might not feel the most secure to let a bunch of strangers watch over you, inside your own home. Plus, an entire home security system can get very expensive, especially if you have a home on the bigger side or have lots of yard space to cover too!

The great thing is that that isn’t the only way you can secure your home. As long as your doors and windows are properly secured you’re going to be able to make sure that the only people that get into your home are the ones who are meant to be there.

  1. Get the right doors: One of the biggest mistakes you can make in terms of home security is when you get hollow center doors for your main doors. You could use them in the rest of the house but the one place they’re the most dangerous, is your main entry points. These can easily be kicks down with one strong kick to the center. A better idea is to have solid wood doors instead. Those can’t be kicked down as easily and will hold up in case of an attack.
  2. Get the right locks on said doors: There’s a second reason why you need to have solid wood doors – the locks. If you have hollow doors, you can’t use something like a deadbolt lock on it because it’s pretty much useless. The lock may be latched on perfectly fine but the intruder could just break the door and get through anyway. The time you can actually use strong locks, is after you have strong enough doors to hold them! Together, they’ll work twice as hard to prevent an attacker from getting through!
  3. Get keyless entry locks: With technology, locks have changed. You don’t need the regular locks anymore. You can even up your security by getting keyless entry locks instead! These are digital, electronic locks that can only be opened up using the right pin or fingerprint. However, there are tonnes of them out there, you’ll need one that fits your door’s type and size. Have a Locksmith Rochester NY come in and take a look at your door so they can tell you which lock would be perfect for you. Better yet, chances are they would even have the lock in stock and will be able to install it for you too! These locks work best when they’re professionally installed.
  4. Window locks: Just closing your windows won’t keep intruders out. The key is to make sure all of your windows that face outside, have strong locks on them too. Make sure every single window is locked when you’re not in the room. Not all intruders break-in at night, they can even break in during the day, hide in your home until it’s time for them to steal your things! Locked windows on all the floors will actually keep the intruders out at all times!
  5. Use peel and stick alarms: Once you have all the right locks in place, the last thing you need to add are peel and stick alarms on all the doors and windows. These are pretty cheap compared to electronic ones you’d get professionally installed and all you need to do is peel off the sticky backing and install it on all of your points of entry. If the door or window is opened or someone tries to open it, without your consent, the alarm will start blaring and you will know it’s been messed with!