Getting into Media Production in the Best Ways

Media Production

If you’re interested in producing media and you don’t work for a company already; you might feel that it’s hard to get into the industry. However, you might have a chance by creating your own company or working freelance around your area. Look into all of these different fields of media you can get in if you are someone looking to break out.

Media Production

Video Production

Video Production is a field that is needed for not only large media companies but for companies and groups of people that exist local to you. If you want to get your start working in an actual video production job, consider applying for a local news station. They will usually have you edit recorded interviews and other footage that they use for local stories on a daily basis. Having a news job on your resume can be great to proceed as it shows that you are used to being on a schedule for producing your videos. Additionally, think about starting your own small type of video production company portland. Don’t necessarily look for big clients at first, start with some local events like weddings. Eventually, your name will get out there enough where people will approach you with bigger jobs that come with more money. Going through either of these paths are a good way to get into video production.


If you went to school to receive a degree in arts, you might be interested in working on advertisements. Many businesses and events need professional advertisements so they can attract people in which they will try to hire someone professional. Try getting your name out there by passing out flyers or responding to posts online from people asking for advertisements. In your early days, make sure that you get as wide of a portfolio as you can which means you should make advertisements for all sorts of things. By having a large portfolio, you’ll be more sought after if you decide to go down the route of finding a large company to work where you will make advertisements full time. Additionally, try to sit down with whoever you’re working with to get a complete idea of what they are looking for with their messaging. If you don’t sit down with who you are working with, they might not like the advertisement which could leave you out of money and a positive recommendation to put on your portfolio. Make sure to follow all of this information if you are interested in creating advertisements.


Getting into any field of media production can be difficult, but this information should help you make a head start. Make sure to always be respectful and prompt so if you are looking to move on to a large company, you can go back to the customers of your past and get good recommendations that could lead you to the top of the company’s hire list. Make sure that you find the type of media production that works the best for you.