Edges Can Help Shape Your Watercolors


People who are starting out as an artist often wonder how certain artists are able to get the depth and colors that they do. They grab the color they want and it does not come close to what their idols are able to do. That is because the new artist does not fully understand what glazes and washes are. Making a picture can be simple, but getting a vibrant or dark look is difficult. That is because it requires an understanding of layering colors in a manner that the picture gets more dimensions. Here are a few ways to apply to what is being worked on to start getting what is wanted.


Layered Edges

One way that artists are able to get the colors they wish, along with the depth, is by layering the colors. There are two ways to do this. When the paint is still wet, and another layer is added, this is called a soft edge approach. It mixes the colors together. This is to create a natural blur. When the bottom layer is dry, painting over that is called a hard edge. This changes the hue and how dark it is. This edge causes more of a contrast, so that it is more noticeable.

Watch Others

One of the best ways to understand the layering in watercolors is to go to a Watercolor Glazing Technique Demonstration. They will be able to show how a painter will use hard edge techniques that use red and blue paints to make a purple, instead of straight purple paint. They can show how they make darker tones by using the same color over itself. Painting is about the edges, as much as it is about the right color. That is why when a person gets stuck, they should see how others do what they are having problems with.

Transferable Knowledge

One of the ways that learning how to apply hard and soft edges is able to help someone if they spend their lives painting is that acrylic painting uses the method, as well. Spend time learning the basics. People may not know about using edges, but it will have them go to the next level in their art. Some start in one medium and move to another. Others want to be versatile in what they can do. That comes from little tips that people never notice. Most of the ways that watercolors work can work in other mediums. Watercolors are just more forgiving.

People who are trying to learn painting on their own have probably rarely heard of hard and soft edges. They think that the right color comes from a tube or mixing before applying. Once edges are mastered, a person can open up their abilities and not have to spend so much on paint. They do not have to spend hours searching for the right shade, when they can make it by this technique. Experiment with using this new way and enjoy a new style and new depths.