Benefits in using HVLS Fans for Industries


Exhaust fans and drum fans

Industrial fans are used by various industries for specific purposes and these fans are made of different materials like stainless steel and aluminium and the manufacturers of these fans apply different types of finishes and coatings on the products to ensure their durability. For air ventilation as well as circulation, industries and commercial establishments install exhaust fans with shutter. The adjustable shutters of these fans ensure proper ventilation and also effectively prevent intrusions and entry of air from outside. These exhaust fans can be directly bolted into the wall. The big drum fans that are used inside the industries, warehouse and commercial places provide coolness to people as well as equipments. The motors of these industrial fans are belt-driven so that their functioning is noiseless as well as smooth. These fans are ideal for indoors and the fans with galvanized steel-housing are durable and are ideal for processing units, factories and warehouses. The large ceiling fans which are also known as industrial ceiling fans are specifically made for workplaces and commercial establishments. The Industrial Size Fans are available in variety of colors, configurations and sizes.


Low energy consumption, no dead air spots, no condensation

The High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans are provided with three blades to ensure lower solidity ratio. The blades of these fans are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic so as to ensure durability, resistance to corrosion and light weight. The blades can be adjusted at different pitch angles depending on the height of the ceiling and also the airflow requirements. The speed of these large ceiling fans can be adjusted and setting options are provided to make these fans to move in both directions – clockwise and anti-clockwise. When the large size fan is provided in a workspace or in a warehouse, a large amount of air can be moved inside the building or in the workspace. The configuration as well as large surface area of the blades ensures sufficient air movement even at low speed thereby reducing energy consumption. The industrial places that are provided with HVLS fans are completely free of dead air spots since air is in circulation between the ceiling and the floor and also between the walls. These fans eliminate condensation and as a result the products and equipments that are kept inside are well preserved. These large ceiling fans can be operated using as low as 500 watts of electric grid power.

Easy to handle, simple to operate

The installing as well as operating expense of the large size industrial fans is very low. For carrying out maintenance works, the fan can be easily lowered or raised and since the blades are foldable when required, it is easy to handle the fan and also to carry out maintenance works. Since the motor and other sensitive parts are sealed, these fans are unaffected by moisture and water. Whenever the movement of the fan is disrupted by an external object, the fan gives an alarm and stops automatically. It is very simple to operate this type of fan and the speed as well as direction of rotation of the fan can be easily changed. Industrial Size Fans of varying blade lengths and adjustable pitches are available.