Ahmedabad – A Trip To The Unconventional Holiday Destination


Ahmedabad is a major city in Gujarat and one of the oldest places in India immensely rich historically. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and is regarded as one of the best places to live. It plays a good balance of having all the modern amenities and still preserving the historical side and the greeneries in the city. Ahmedabad plays home to some of the most reputed schools in India and the corporate trend is starting to pick up which resulted in the city seeing a huge flow of students and young working professionals.

Owing to its rich past, Ahmedabad has a good number of places to visit and although not regarded as a conventional holiday destination, the city sees its fair amount of visitors from all around India and tourists from overseas on the expedition to India. Oyo rooms in Ahmedabad are a big demand and since most of the hotels come under it; it makes it very convenient for the visitors to scroll through the different types of hotels available and make their room booking instantly.

To judge strictly, Ahmedabad is still conservative as compared to other cities in India. Although the developments are taking place leaps and bounds and can be seen in the infrastructures, you will not find many upbeat places around Ahmedabad. There is a dearth for non-vegetarian food which poses massive obstacle meat eaters especially the regular ones who eat meat as their staple diet. The only non-vegetarian food you can expect to find is in the international fast food joint chains like KFC and McDonald’s, which most people tire of eating after certain point of time.

However, the non-availability of non-vegetarian food is not the worst part. Ahmedabad lacks in upbeat places because Gujarat is a dry state and selling of alcohol is prohibited. Unless you are a tourist with a visa you cannot get booze anywhere. The tourists are also limited to a certain quantity.

On the plus side, if you start to find a liking for the Gujarati cuisine then you will be hooked to it. The Gujarati loves sweets and their cuisine of subtly spiced dishes with a sweet taste to it and the various array of sweet meats which comes as part of the Gujarati thali you order will be a whole different style you may have never tried anywhere else.

Ahmedabad sees a huge number of students during the admission seasons and working professionals who fly into the city for business meetings. With major airlines operating in its airport, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai to Ahmedabad flights are available easily on a regular basis.