7 Cool Things You Can Make with a CNC Router


A computer numerical control router, which is better known as a CNC router, is a sophisticated cutting machine that is controlled with a computer.

A router is a handheld tool that can cut all sorts of materials, including glass, aluminium, composites, foams, and wood.

CNC routers are the ideal carpentry machines for woodworking purposes. If you simply attach the right CNC router bits, you can use the machine as a panel saw, wood shaper, or tenon and mortise cutter.

You could literally give up many of your other carpentry tools and just use the CNC router and its bits.

Below are seven cool things you can make with a CNC router.

1) Paddleboard

Do you like to go paddling in the water? If so, then you can mill a real nice paddleboard with a CNC router.

Just take an individual sheet of 0.25-inch plywood (marine grade) and mill out the main parts of it with a router, such as the struts and ribs.

Then you would cover the plywood with cedar planks and add an epoxy finish to make the wood waterproof and extra-durable in the water.

2) Skeleton Clock

Wooden clocks are one of the most popular things to make with a CNC router. There are so many different designs you can use for your clocks. Some of them you can invent on your own too.

A skeleton clock is one popular design. The materials you will need include birch plywood, brass, cherry, and walnut. AutoCAD software can be used for the wooden escapement design too.

Be prepared for a long and extensive project because you will need several hours to plan and mill out this beautiful skeleton clock design.

3) Smartphone Cases

Your average smartphone case is made of durable plastic or synthetic rubber-like material. But have you ever tried to make your own smartphone case out of wood?

You can make gorgeous smartphone cases with a CNC router. It gives you the freedom to engrave a custom design onto the case that is exclusive to your personality and interests. You could also make a case for someone else and give it as a gift. That works too.

4) Wooden Signs

A CNC router can incise letters into a wooden board so that a sign can be made from it. People usually do this to create “Welcome Signs” for their homes and businesses. But you can get creative and make a sign with any language that you want.

If you want to take it a step further, you could make a business out of creating and selling custom wooden signs for people.

Online vendors are selling their wooden signs on the internet right now. Why not do the same thing?

5) Item Holder

We all carry around so many items, such as our smartphones, sunglasses, wristwatches, keys, wallets, pens and so on. It would explain why people often lose these items around their house or office.

With the use of a CNC router, you can create a custom item holder for these possessions. You could use the holder to rest your smartphone, hang up your keys, store your sunglasses, hold your wallet and whatever else you want it to store.

Since you are creating the item holder, the sky’s the limit.

6) Ashtrays

If you love to smoke cigarettes or cigars, then why not create a fantastic looking ashtray? It does not necessarily need to be a wooden ashtray either.

A good CNC router allows you to mill and design items out of metal material as well. Create a gorgeous metal ashtray with a unique design on the base of it.

7) Salt and Pepper Shakers

Once again, you can make this item out of metal or wood. We all use salt and pepper shakers to spice up our favourite foods and make them taste better.

Just create the shakers with the CNC router and then add salt and pepper to each one individually.

Image source Wikimedia