4 Places To Visit In Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island

Need a memorable vacation? This is a list of interesting tourist attractions on Sentosa Island, Singapore. One of the favorite destinations is Sentosa Island, an island that has been successfully created from a reclamation project. Not only tourist attractions but there are also interesting hotels on Sentosa Hotel such as Hotel Michael.

Hotel Michael is a luxurious treat for art enthusiasts and also pays tribute to one of America’s best contemporary architects, Michael Graves. Every maple-accented room’s art gallery-like ambience is enhanced with mural-adorned walls and unique furnishings and accessories that radiate the designer’s characteristic elegance.

Sentosa Island has become a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists. In addition, the island itself has been inaugurated and opened as a tourist attraction. Some of the places like Merlion Park and Universal Studios have been so popular in Sentosa island. So, these are the best places to visit when you are on Sentosa Island.

1. Merlion Park

Merlion Park is one of the most visited tourist destinations by tourists. A place that is very synonymous with the statue of a dashing lion that stands as an icon of this country. Merlion Park has a height of approximately 35 meters, apart from being a favorite destination, this place is often used as a spot for selfies.

At the top of the tower of this place, you can see the beauty of Sentosa Island from the whole and the view of the beach on the south side of Singapore with a backdrop of skyscrapers.

2. Sea Aquarium

Next, there is one tourist destination that is a tourist attraction, known as the SEA Aquarium. SEA Aquarium is an aquarium that presents the natural beauty of the sea and some of the marine life in it. This tourist spot is called the largest aquarium in the world. And in it, there are 800 marine species and 100,000 animals.

The interesting part is in this place there is a replica of the ship at the bottom of the water with the latest lighting and technology. In addition, above this aquarium, there is a Maritime Experiential Museum with a super large replica of the Cheng Ho ship.

3. Universal Studio Singapore

A tourist spot with a miniature background of a Hollywood film, this is the second tourist destination in Asia. This place officially opened in January 2010. And get very good enthusiasm from various tourists around the world.

In addition, this place is one of the most visited tourist destinations by tourists. There are approximately 24 rides divided into 7 themes, namely Madagascar, New York, Hollywood Boulevard, Sci-Fi City, Far and Away, and Ancient Egypt zones.

Besides exciting rides and games, there are various facilities that support your vacation, such as souvenir stalls, hotels, toilers, a large parking area, and restaurants and food courts.

4. Museum Madame Tussauds Singapore

Sentosa Island turns out to have a tourist spot that is quite unique, named the Madame Tussauds Singapore Museum. In this place, you will be invited to take pictures with your favorite artists.

Although the replica of the statue is made of wax, the visual results are very similar. In addition to similar visuals, the sound produced is also very similar to the original. Therefore, this one tourist destination you will regret if you miss it and make sure you invite the closest people or family to make it more fun.

Those are the recommended places if you visit the most popular destination in Asia, Sentosa Island. Take note to always obey the rule if you are going on vacation. You can check Traveloka App for promo deals and recommended places in Singapore. If you are going to staycation, kindly check Traveloka for the best hotel recommendation in Sentosa Island.