Why You Should Rent (And Not Buy) Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fencing

Whether you are in the construction or events industries you will know one thing: you don’t always need temporary fencing. Many Aussie business owners have purchased temporary fencing for a permanent role only to leave it sitting around uselessly in the storage shed for months on end.

And, given the Australian market is experiencing an increasingly inflationary period, it’s only natural that you might want to reduce your business’s onsite expenditure. One of the ultimate ways you can reduce expenditure is through avoiding purchases that you won’t use on a regular basis.

In this article, we will talk about how temporary fence hire is a fantastic way to avoid overspending on this imperative (though not always necessary) piece of construction and events blockading.

Find out why it is an optimal option below:

1. Save money on a product you don’t always need

Construction companies typically need temporary fencing more than events companies. After all, events companies aren’t always running particular festivals, so they may not necessarily need this solution on-hand at all times.

But the same can be said for construction companies, who may go a period without working on a new site and therefore won’t need the solution in constant storage. What’s more, the size requirements of temporary fencing differ by the job, and this means you may not know exactly how small or large your solution will have to be at any given time.

The solution? Only hiring temporary fencing exactly when you need it. After all, you don’t always need it and you don’t always know exactly how much you need, so why spend the money on something your business can go without for an extended time period?

2. You can protect your assets with temporary fencing

 Construction sites are one of a thief’s primary considerations when it comes to stealing goods. Tools, materials and other vital equipment are always at risk, with sneaky operators coming past and coming in at a quick glance of something valuable that was left behind the night before.

Temporary fencing provides a winning solution to keeping your valuable goods protected. Not only does temporary fencing provide a barrier between the thief and the goods, but it also works as a deterrent, keeping them away from your goods on multiple levels.

3. They make you avoid costly fines

 Australia is very strict when it comes to protecting both staff and the public with temporary fencing. In construction, it regards the tradespeople onsite and the public walking past the site. In events, it’s to protect the punters, security and other events staff like bartenders and ushers. You can trust that your company will receive a massive fine if you’re not putting in the effort of protecting everyone onsite and those passing the site, as well as litigation if something were to happen to anyone due to a lack of fencing.

4. Reduce your business’s outside exposure

 The most imperative thing to consider with fence hire is liability protection. This means that when you erect a proper temporary fencing solution you can trust will keep your goods safe whilst protecting the public from accidents.

This – alongside the other given reasons – are exactly why you can save money on temporary fencing. Nobody wants to find themselves buying a product they rarely need to use, and they certainly don’t want to find themselves on the other end of a costly legal battle because of an incident that occurred onsite.

This makes it a pretty handy solution, really…