Why Do Multinational Companies Prefer Online Aptitude Tests for the Recruitment Process?

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Online aptitude tests are computer-based examinations that measure your knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. Aptitude tests are playing an increasingly important role in the recruitment process of multinational companies. We develop and deliver online aptitude testing for companies with 60+ languages, helping them make better hiring decisions.

Basically, that’s because there is no better way to assess a candidate’s potential than through an aptitude test.

To find candidates with the desired skill set, companies have been increasingly using online aptitude tests to assess their potential employees. In contrast to traditional recruitment techniques such as interviews, aptitude test is a quicker way of finding someone who can efficiently perform the job. This process has proved successful in providing diversity among engineering and IT departments.

Taking up a position that may not even exist yet is also another benefit of aptitude tests. For example, if an IT department has vacancies for developers in NodeJS, they might advertise for candidates via various online jobs portals or on social media platforms with requirements like “experience building apps in Node”. Such recruitment methods can help companies to fill up the desired number of openings.

The following are the primary use cases for online aptitude tests:

1.Placement and assessment of candidates from a pool of potentially qualified candidates with a single device.

2.Preparation for interviews or group interviews. The candidates might be asked to perform tasks or specific exercises, solving them in a virtual environment, which helps in evaluating and understanding their skills and aptitude for various roles. This can also work as a trial run for future interviews or group discussions involving employees.

3.Assessing the flexibility of candidates in the absence of technology-specific information such as whiteboards, projectors, voice recorders etc., on the job.

Providing candidates with real-time feedback on their performance makes the aptitude tests more useful. This allows the hiring managers to effectively identify and understand the relevant skills of each candidate, which can help in making a company’s shortlist.

4.As companies have a set time frame to reach out to candidates, they have begun to make use of automation tools that help them in creating test questions and thus reducing human error. Most of the online aptitude tests are built using these technology-agnostic questions which helps companies in getting immediate accuracy at minimal cost.

Aptitude tests are no longer confined solely to industries such as software development and engineering. Many companies across different verticals (e.g. finance, sales, marketing) have adopted this method of testing to recruit talent. These tests are also being used by companies to assess the potential of their existing employees and provide them with training or coursework.

Companies in India such as Manipal Education & Medical Group and Genpact have been successfully using online aptitude tests to recruit talent.

Manipal uses online aptitude tests for recruitment for different roles such as product owners, business analysts, data analysts and front-end developers in its global centre in Bengaluru.

What are the importance of online aptitude test?

The aim of these exams is to predict the range of coursework for which you would be likely to succeed. They are commonly administered at the beginning of an academic year, or as part of a selection process. In some instances, such as during the application process for graduate programs, they might be used to help determine what type of educational credentials one should pursue next.

Typically, online aptitude tests are not available at every school and college because they require extensive IT support and ongoing development work from teachers in order to ensure accuracy in measurement. Therefore, they are usually only offered at schools with sufficient technological expertise. Most college or university institutions in the US will offer an online aptitude test as part of their application. The test itself consists of multiple choice questions and your performance determines the courses for which you are eligible to register.


This form of assessment may be more convenient for students simply because it does not require them to visit campus or go through any formal scheduling process. It can also be used to determine what types of courses you are best suited for, which is a good alternative if you struggle with subject commitment or might like to switch courses after a while. In addition, these tests are available instantaneously.

Some students claim that online aptitude tests are not very helpful since their results do not actually help in determining what part of a specific course they might be best suited for. Some reports warn that job recruiters might use online aptitude tests as an aptitude predictor. They would then use your test score to determine which type of course you are likely to excel in, which could make it difficult for you to choose the right course if your score is lower than anticipated.

Most students who take online aptitude tests also encounter some technical issues. Clearing a technical problem could take time away from your studies, which could burden you with an additional workload. In addition, some students do not find these tests to be very helpful or accurate since they are usually not familiar with the language that is used in the test and it may be hard for them to complete the test in such a short amount of time.

Finally, there may be instances where a technical problem prevents you from accessing the test completely, which is why it is important that you check whether your chosen institution offers more than one online aptitude test.

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