Key Considerations When Adding Fish to a Garden Pond

Key Considerations When Adding Fish to a Garden Pond

It is best to add fish to a garden pond during the summer, the good weather gives them time to adapt. If you’ve kids in your home, they’ll love having colourful fish in their garden. Adding fish is a great way to bring some beauty to your yard, as they come in a range of wonderful colours, shapes and sizes. If you are thinking of purchasing pond fish or looking to buy aquarium fish online in Woking, make sure you deal with a reputable supplier. The company should give a number of guarantees before they provide fish.

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  • Full refund if they die in transit
  • Regular health checks
  • Fully checked prior to leaving the fish farm
  • Guaranteed delivery date

Before the fish arrive in your home, you must take some steps to prepare your garden pond. There are certain things you have to due to ensure their survival.

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The pond should be clean and adequately aerated, you should also have a filter system in place which cleans the pond every few hours. The temperature of the water must be right, so must the pH level.


The ratio of fish to water is usually calculated as one inch of fish to every 5 gallons of water. Some fish can grow pretty big, so you’ll need to give them the correct amount of space.


New fish should be quarantined if being put into a pond with other fish or put in their bags if the pond has no fish.