How Can I Sue My Employer For Sexual Harassment Case?

sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is not new, and women have faced such instances for ages. Victims of such acts should not be left to bear the burden; therefore, various laws are specifically designed to overcome the issue. 

There is a rise in cultural movements that raise questions about sexual misconduct; therefore, it is important to have robust rules against it. If you or your loved ones face such incidents in Austin, you can consult a lawyer for better guidance. There are various Austin sexual harassment lawyers whom you can consult to file a lawsuit against the culprit.

What is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Sexual harassment is a misconduct behaviour of making unacceptable sexual remarks or physical advances at the workplace or other social situations. It makes you feel uncomfortable by making sexual jokes about your physical identity. Such instances are illegal, and states can take strict action against such culprits. 

How Can I Sue My Employer for Sexual Harassment Case?

Speak Up

There are many instances of sexual harassment where victims are unaware and quiet about the incident. They feel that merely speaking about the incident will be enough, but it does not provide any robust solution. So, you have to speak up with the perpetrator in public to bring their attention to what they are doing wrong, and also, they can feel embarrassed. By verbalizing your discomfort, you can find your solution. 

Follow Guidelines for Reporting

You can follow the company guidelines to report the case to get justice. Unfortunately, this is one of the difficult tasks because following guidelines against the company employee will be difficult. They should have such guidelines at first. Once you know the guidelines, you can follow them and complain against the perpetrator. 

Reporting to the Human Resources Department

The human resource department is the next step for filing a complaint against the person. The HR department is designated to handle such cases. If the company is small and does not have a human resource employee, you can contact your supervisor or higher authority for a complaint. 

Keep Records of the Harassment

It is a daunting exercise to keep a record of all the incidents. But you have to file a complaint with all the details like the name of the harasser, date, time, location, name of the witnesses, actions and many more. These are certain incidents that you have to note down to file a case against the perpetrator. 

Report the Incident to the Government Agency

This will be the last resort if there is no action at the previous stages. You can file a case or lodge a case against the person. There are always laws against such instances, and you should take a stand against ill-treatment at the government level.