Good Home Tools To Have For Hurricane Season


Nobody wants to be in an area with hurricanes, but these areas have many people residing in them. During hurricane season these individuals have disaster packs ready, of course with hopes each year they will not have to use them. They should have a supply of water, food, flashlights, batteries, among many other things to be sure they are prepared when and if one hits. Along with these necessities, individuals should have certain household tools ready for use during hurricane season.

Keep These Tools on Hand

One of the most important tools that should be available during hurricane season is a generator, you want to be sure to not only be comfortable after a storm, but to be able to get a jump on possible mold growth throughout your home. Homeowners may even be eligible for a discount on their homeowner’s insurance policy when an automatic standby generator is installed.

Another tool that homeowners need to have during hurricane season, a shop wet/dry vacuum that can be used with the generator. The wet/dry vacuum is able of quickly removing water from areas, especially if these areas are carpeted. As soon as it is safe to use, the wet/dry vacuum should be used. While this tool is used, homeowners should also be using a light commercial dehumidifier that they should have available as well. Rather than a residential dehumidifier, commercial dehumidifiers are known to be more efficient. To supplement the drying process and air movement further, homeowners are advised to have commercial air blowers available during the hurricane season.

Water samage restoration companies like Aer Industries recommend homeowners to have an air scrubber to ensure the air they breathe in after a hurricane and the cleanup process is healthy. With use of their dehumidifier, commercial air blower, and air scrubber, homeowners can be sure the air will be free of any mold spores.