Follow Celebrity Gossip With Wireless Internet


These days, celebrity drama is just about an industry in itself. From television shows like TMZ to blogs like Perez Hilton, it seems like no matter where you go, you cannot escape the constant celebrity gossip that is being paraded around as news. It is not even shocking anymore to turn on a once-reputed news channel like CNN, only to find Wolf Blitzer discussing Paris Hilton’s latest DUI, or talking about the drug-fueled antics of some half-famous reality star. Celebrity gossip has become mainstream.

But why watch TV to find out what the craziest celebrities are doing when you could simply go online with wireless Internet? After all, wireless Internet is the medium that perfectly suits the pursuit of information about the rich and famous. The Paparazzi take a picture of Britney Spears as she escapes from rehab to shave off her hair, and it gets posted online in less than an hour. None of this takes any real investment capital: only the Paparazzis’ digital cameras and laptop computers (the latter of which just about everyone has these days) are really necessary to get the job done. There is no need to promote this kind of news material because that work will get done by itself. People who read the websites where such salacious pictures, or even just standard celebrity information, get posted will tell their friends, or forward on links to people in their contact lists. If you have a 4G phone, you can get that message straight to it so that you will not even miss a beat. You could be dining with your coworkers during the lunch hour, or hopping on a bus for your morning commute when your friend sends you a link to a video of Christian Bale melting down, or asks if you have heard about the latest stunt that Charlie Sheen just pulled.

With wireless Internet, all of this information goes viral just about instantly. It really is an incredible world in which we live. But this can be problematic for the celebrities themselves. The few who actually do try to maintain some semblance of a private life are often ambushed by wannabe Paparazzi on a regular basis. All they want to do is drive to a casting call, or stop by Starbucks for a frappuccino, or spend a day in the park with their significant other and kid. But they cannot do so without a massive group of men and women with cameras pursuing them, making sure that they do not get “lost” inside of a department store or a government building on the way.

Some celebrities really do crave the massive amount of attention that they have now because of how wireless Internet has expanded the celebrity gossip industry. There are so many people who never would remain famous if it were not for the fact that they auction off their stories to the media. Wireless Internet is full of them drunkenly making fools of themselves, perhaps even ending in serious drug use