Can An Online Tutoring Program Help Your Teen?


There are pros and cons to any learning method. Teens in serious need of tutoring may not feel comfortable with the learning methods being used in school. No matter what the reason you have for looking for a tutor, one option to carefully consider is online tutoring.

Online Tutors are always available

What if your child, for whatever reason, functions better early in the morning or really late at night? Those aren’t optimal hours for tutoring services or in-home tutors. Online tutoring services tend to have people available at odd hours, making it easier for your teen to get help when he needs it.

Online Tutoring isn’t Suffocating

Let’s say your child has problems with math, in general. He has a basic concept but it comes and goes depending on the difficulty level he’s working at. Online tutoring will allow him to ask for help when he needs it while allowing him to focus and work out his problems on his own a little bit first. He can ask when he knows he needs help and not waste time with a tutor when he doesn’t.

Scheduling Flexibility is Key

The above flexibility in scheduling isn’t just about when your child learns best. It’s also about finding the times that work with his school and activity schedule. Kids need activities, and it would stink to have to tell your child that he can’t play a sport because his tutor can only see him at a certain time of the day.

Sessions are often Recorded

Most online tutoring groups record the sessions for future reference. This means your teen can go back and walk through a process again later on if he’s having trouble remembering how something is done.

Greater Access to Specialists

With an online tutoring group, you’ll have more access to the type of tutor you need. If your child needs help with physics, you may be able to work with a whiz 500 miles away. If your child needs help with calculus, you can find someone who really knows his stuff. You won’t have to worry about only working with generalists who are teaching study skills because they can’t help with the actual problems at hand.