A Great Service: 5 Tips For Elderly Care!

Elderly Care

As an aged care provider, you will know that it is a reward-yet-challenging role. Depending on the nature of care, every day presents exciting new possibilities as well as hurdles to overcome. As an experienced provider, we would like to share some of our top tips for ensuring you and your participant get the best out of your service, and to optimise each day to the wonders it beholds!

Here are five cruisy care tips you can take with you to work:

Promote their independence

The best aged care in Wollongong knows that one of the best things we can do in our service is allow the participant to continue with their independence. As we age, we can feel as if people – including us carers – are trying to take away our independence, and this can be quite a daunting prospect.

So, one of the best places to start when it comes to elderly support is to allow them to maintain their independence wherever necessary! This can include them handling their own financial matters, cooking their own meals, even volunteering by themselves at the local op-shop if they are up to it!

Socialise with them

Elderly support doesn’t have to just be about providing help with everyday activities: it can be a great opportunity to socialise with a person who has and continues to live a full and interesting life. There are many great ways to socialise with your participant and their friends and family, including going for walks, going to cafes, going to the local bowls club (if they play) and even heading down to watch the local footy.

Socialising is an imperative part of maintaining our mental and physical health as we age, and so this is one of the ultimate ways to ensure their health as they get older.

Help with physical exercise

Following on from the last point, you can provide further support through advocating and helping your participant with physical exercise. Many elderly residents would like to continue fun ways to exercise (think bowls, golf, water aerobics etc.) but just need that little bit of support (physical, mental or both) to get up on their feet and make their way down to the local club.

So, by giving them a little help to get to where they want to go, you could be making a huge difference in their physical and mental health!

Promote healthy eating

As we get older, it can be more difficult to maintain a healthy diet. This is especially as we may tire of putting in the effort to make fresh food, instead opting for easier options like sugar snacks or microwavable foods.

So, as a support provider, you can help them maintain a healthy diet by assisting in their cooking. All you really need is the main healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, lean meats etc.) to cook in order to maintain a healthy diet – let’s get cooking!

Promote staying connected

One of the most important things for older people is staying connected with friends and family. Unfortunately, this can become difficult as we age, and they may require a little assistance or motivation to make that phone call, to go down the shops to see their friends, to catch up with their grandkids etc.

You might just have to provide them with a little bit of assistance or moral support to make this happen – it should produce happy results!