6 fitness tips for the busy boss lady

busy boss

A boss lady has to-do lists for to-do lists. You know the schedule and the run; she needs to get things done and like a boss! Killing it in the career, at home and taking care of the kids, all of these are enough to give that adrenaline rush. 

However, sometimes all these chores can get overwhelming enough to throw the self-care routine in the back seat. As much as you wish not to, exercising and Yoga – something that keeps you fit physically and mentally – become a chore that you’d preferably want to avoid. 

Here are some tips that can help you dodge the lazy ball and get on to your running shoes,

A helpful hand

A fitness expert doesn’t have to be your gym trainer or the pilates trainer you avoid because you missed a couple of classes. There are experts around your locality and tools available to help you find emails correctly. GetEmail.io is an AI-powered tool with an extensive database of the contacts of professionals throughout the world. It can help you answer your question about how to find email addresses. If you are interested to know the reasons why it is necessary to get a personal trainer then you should go to the site https://www.fitness-studion1.com/. You will also get many guidelines about fitness on this site.

Run to work and work to run

Running is the best form of cardio anyone can have. It not only burns those extra calories but it strengthens bones and muscles. Running for just 30 minutes improves mood and sleep quality. So keep those running gear while at work and run during a break or before/after the shift.

Play with the kids

It is tempting to sit and check those work emails at the bench while your kids play on the playground with the others. Playing with the kids and running around create a great family bonding time, all while you burn some sweat out. Plan new activities to play with the kids. This way, the kids are entertained, and you will have different workouts scheduled.

A date with your SO

A busy schedule does take a toll on the relationship you share with your significant other. I’m sure there are times when you go without finishing a conversation for over a week. In such times, it is ideal that both of you find a time to work out. You’ll get to catch up on each other’s lives while also getting healthy!

It’s always the baby step

Nothing can be accomplished overnight. Everything, including the career and family, takes time to improve and come to a content level. And the same goes with health and food too! You can achieve your goal with dedication, perseverance and persistence. Having discipline for your workout routine is a ‘must’!


What’s the point if you don’t celebrate the milestones with your favourite dessert?! A boss lady’s life can get a bit monotonous with daily chores, and it is okay to spice it up a little bit by binging on favourite food. After all, you sweated for nothing! Eat that bagel you deserve and run an extra mile the next day to make up for it.