5 Reasons to Use a Beer Chiller in Your Bar

Beer Chiller

Beer Chiller is an essential part of every modern bar or pub. It maintains the optimal temperature of the beer and keeps the drink fresh.

If you are still reluctant about the purchase, keep reading our article to answer all questions before deciding to buy.

1. Rapid cooling

Simple models of coolers use purified water or ice as a refrigerant. Such systems work more slowly than a beer chiller that uses a mixture of glycol and water. This combination features the best antifreeze properties, so you can rapidly chill your drinks.

2. The best solution for big bars

If you have a small bar with the cooling system located directly under the counter and near the kegs, you can use just air cooling.

However, this option does not fit for establishments with long draw dispensing systems (from 7.5m and more). Because air cooling can not maintain the required temperature of the beer on its way from the keg to the beer tower.

For such bars, it is recommended to install a glycol cooler that maintains a constant temperature while keeping the beer fresh, delicious, and chilled.

3. More accurate temperature range

Temperature control is achieved due to the percentage content of the glycol mixture, which allows setting the most accurate temperature ranges, with a variation of 1°.

4. Safety

Almost every owner of the draft beer system faced such problems as scale, rust, or corrosion. As a result, the system loses stability, which in turn can lead to temperature increase and beer spoilage.

By choosing a glycol refrigerant, you can avoid these risks: there are inhibitors in the glycol composition that protect the system from corrosion or rust.

5. Manufacture control

Such refrigeration equipment helps not only to store the finished product but also to monitor the quality of production at each stage: to control the fermentation process, to cool wort, etc.

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