12 Styles Of Unique Sneakers For Men And Women

Styles Of Unique Sneakers

Styles Of Unique Sneakers

Currently worth over $127 billion, the sneaker market is projected to be worth $196 billion in 2030. Part of the reason for this growth is that many people now view athletic footwear as an asset.

If you’re like us, though, you actually prefer to wear your sneakers as a style statement. And that means you’re probably on the hunt for the most unique sneakers on the market.

Today, we’re helping you find your next favorite pair with this guide to the most fashionable sneakers out there.

We scoured the collections of luxury, fast fashion, and sports apparel brands for the best of the best and curated our top 12 in this guide.

Ready to find the tennis shoe styles that will amp up your wardrobe for 2022? Let’s get started with our #1 choice: the Huarache Nike sneakers.

1. The Nike Air Huarache

The Air Huarache is Nike’s best-kept secret. Beloved by true sneakerheads, these Nike sneakers are one of the brand’s best-selling shoe models. Still, we don’t think these shoes get enough hype, which is why they top this list.

First thing first, you’re probably wondering: what the heck does Huarache mean? “Huarache” is a Spanish word and the name for a traditional leather sandal the Mexican Indians used to wear, which Nike claims to have designed this style after.

Check out the different styles of the Nike Huarache on KicksCrew.com, and you can see the following different colorways:

  • Cobble Stone (greige and white)
  • Liverpool (white, gray, black, and red with red checkered accents)
  • Off Noir (black and white)
  • Le Praline (tan, brown, black, and purple)
  • Triple white (all-white)
  • Magenta (white, black, and vibrant purple and green)
  • Triple black (all-black)
  • Toadstool (caramel and black)
  • Rattan (cream, white, brown, sage, and sand)

Of course, these aren’t all the colorways the Huarache comes in. As you’ve probably come to expect from Nike, you can find the Air Huarache in dozens of colors and styles.

What’s the one common thread among all these shoes? They’re built for comfort. The Nike Air Huarache has a Phylon midsole with classic Air cushioning and a thermoplastic heel for ultimate flexibility and durability.

So, throw on your Air Huaraches with denim and a tee-shirt for the most comfortable day of your life.

2. The Chloe Nama Sneaker

Chloe is a French fashion house known more for its flowy, feminine apparel than its shoe line. Still, since the brand released its first sneaker iteration— the Chloe Sonnie— fashionphiles and sneakerheads alike have taken notice.

Chloe’s latest entry into the sneaker market is the Nama. Nama features mesh uppers with hand-stitched detailing you won’t find elsewhere. Currently, you can grab these sneakers in nine different colorways:

  • White and cream
  • Black and white with yellow accents
  • Navy, white, and cream
  • Neon green, navy blue, and white with yellow and red accents
  • Pastel rainbow
  • Saturated blue, rust red, and bright yellow
  • Bright yellow and rust red with green, blue, and white accents
  • White and cream with bright yellow accents
  • Navy, white, and tan with bright yellow accents

Like the Nike Space Hippie (more on these shoes below), these sneakers aren’t just good-looking. They’re also good for the environment since they’re made from 40% recycled materials by weight.

Wear your Namas with flowy skirts and dresses. Or style them the way Chloe did on the runway — with color-blocked maxis, tailored separates, and leather shifts.

3. The Lace-Up Front Sneakers from Shein

Looking for affordable men’s sneakers that will have people begging to know where you got them? Shein’s Lace-up Front Sneakers are only $35, but they don’t look like it.

These light tan sneakers feature knitted fabric uppers with detailed rubber soles. The knitted uppers have a geometric pattern that’s rare to see at this price point. The addition of the etched soles gives these sneakers a handcrafted look that, again, belies their low cost.

With an all-neutral color palette, these sneakers look good with all kinds of outfits. From tracksuits and jeans to business-casual attire and beachwear, you really can’t go wrong with these fast-fashion sneakers.

4. The 530 from New Balance

Love dad sneakers? Then you probably already know about New Balance, the athletic apparel and footwear company that’s known for inventing this popular sneaker style.

Still, even some of the biggest New Balance fans don’t know about the NB 530s. These dad shoes come in men’s and women’s styles, and they feature a ton of different colorways, including:

  • Dark red and navy
  • Black and white
  • All neutrals

The mesh uppers offer the type of breathability you can only get from a veteran athleticwear company. The chunky rubber soles offer the ultimate level of support, so you can play sports or walk all day in comfort.

The great thing about the classic dad shoe is that it looks great with everything. Balance out the bottom half of your oversized fits with these chunky shoes. Or throw them on as a statement piece with your more basic looks.

5. The Balmain B-Bold Sneaker

Balmain may be best known for taking up the majority of Kim Kardashian’s closet. Yet, that’s not the only reason you should know about this brand. Balmain also turns out some pretty incredible sneaker designs.

One such showstopper is the B-Bold sneaker. These luxury trainers come in men’s and women’s styles and either high-top or low-top versions. With over 30 different colorways, including the classic Balmain logomania print, there’s definitely a B-Bold style out there for you.

Check out the all-chartreuse high-top B-Bolds if you want to inject some dopamine into your dressing. Or go for the white leather and suede style for an upscale take on the classic white trainer.

6. The Chunky Platform Techwear Sneakers from RAVR

RAVR is a Japanese footwear brand that consistently tops lists of the best shoes under $100. Their highly affordable Chunky Platform Techwear sneakers come in at less than $50, and you won’t believe it when you see them.

These tennis shoes come in three basic colors:

  • All-neutral
  • All-black
  • All-white

The Chunky Platform sneaker comes with geometric rubber soles and a knitted sock-like upper. Despite their low price, these sneakers also feature genuine leather detailing. The thick RAVR-branded strap at the heel adds a touch of modernity to these retro-looking shoes.

You can’t go wrong with adding these sneakers to a sporty look. But we would argue that they’re also elevated enough to wear with business-casual styles and even non-formal suits.

7. The Nike Space Hippie 04

The Nike Space Hippie 04 isn’t just a sick shoe style. These Nike shoes also support a good cause. The yarn used to make these futuristic-looking sneaks comes from 85%–90% recycled plastic.

This sneaker comes in both men’s and women’s styles. Men can choose from two colorways— dark gray and white with neon green accents or light gray and aqua with neon orange accents. Women also have two options:

  • Medium gray with light gray and black accents
  • Lavender gray with white soles and laces, and neon orange accents

These streamlined sneakers remind us of the Yeezy Boost 350. However, they have a much more affordable price tag of only $130.

Style these shoes as you would your Foam Runners. Wear them with cargo or camo pants. Or put them on with your favorite sweatshirt and sweatpants set.

8. The Chunky Platform Sneaker from Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney has put out some great designer shoes in her day. The designer has even collaborated with Adidas to create a more affordable line of tennis shoes. Most of her trainers have a heft and weight in common.

But the Chunky Platform Sneaker is arguably the chunkiest sneaker of them all. Only for women, this style features a whopping 4-inch rubber platform to give you some serious lift.

The chunky platform is obviously the centerpiece of this sneaker, so the rest of the design is simple. You can adjust the two thick leather straps to fit your foot. And the branded shoe pull offers a splash of contrasting black stitching.

Because these shoes are so simple, you could absolutely get away with them at work. We can imagine a pair of long-line trousers and a sleek blazer pairing perfectly with the Stella Chunky Platforms.

9. The Swept Away Sneakers from Fashion Nova

If you’ve ever wished you could find a cheaper, more sneaker-like version of the Yeezy Foam Runner, this is it. Fashion Nova’s Swept Away Sneaker for women has a shockingly similar sole to the Foam Runner.

These dupes differ from the controversial Yeezy shoe because they actually have a mesh upper. The low-tops still feature an easy slip-on design, but they also have laces to adjust the style to your unique foot size.

Currently, this show only comes in white. You can style them with leggings and a tee-shirt or a biker short set. These unique sneakers would also look great dressed up with a bodycon dress and blazer combo.

10. The Puma RS-X

Puma’s Running System (RS) technology is almost as old as the brand. Puma first introduced its RS sneakers in the 1980s, but in 2018, it reintroduced the concept with the RS-0. The RS-X was born only a few months later.

The RS-X does the impossible, combining a retro look with an almost futuristic silhouette. This low-top shoe has a luxurious leather and suede upper with sporty designs. The rubber sole features patchwork-like detailing that lends a vintage feel.

You can find this unisex sneaker in a wide range of colors and colorways, including:

  • Carolina blue
  • White, black, aqua blue, and neon green
  • Lavender purple
  • Black and white
  • Army and olive green with neon yellow and red accents
  • White, black, and gray with red and yellow accents
  • Brown, cream, and honey yellow

Looking for a pair of sneakers for you and the whole fam? You can all match in your RS-Xs since Puma offers this model for men, women, girls, and boys.

11. The Orbyt 2.0 Sneaker from McQ

Alexander McQueen’s athletic line, McQ, has been turning out streetwear looks since 2005. The McQ Orbyt 2.0 sneaker for men is a new twist on the brand’s tried-and-true hiking sneaker style.

This chunky sneaker features buttery tan leather with a bright teal synthetic upper. The black accents add a bit of contrast, while the orange and black laces offer a classic hiking boot look. The thick white rubber soles offer a boost for even the most vertically challenged sneaker lovers.

Like Alexander McQueen’s main line, McQ isn’t cheap. Still, the brand is known for its high-quality materials and designs. This pair of sneakers may be an investment, but the high-end style is well worth it, in our opinion.

Looking for some items to pair with your Orbyts? Check out the rest of the McQ line because they have some great options for apparel.

12. The Letter Graphic Lace-up Front Chunky Sneaker from Shein

Another affordable winner from Shein, the Graphic Lace-up Front Chunky Sneakers are as inexpensive as they are stylish. Unlike the previous Shein entry on our list, the fast-fashion retailer designed these shoes for women.

They feature a cream, sand, navy, and gray colorway with bold navy lettering. The rubber soles come with a lugged detail that offers a modern twist on the retro silhouette.

These sneakers also feel very familiar. That could be because they look a bit like New Balance’s, with their tri-colorway, vintage-y vibe, and dad shoe-like appearance.

Love These 12 Unique Sneakers?

Unique sneakers come in all price points, whether you’re searching for a pair from your favorite fast-fashion or luxury designer brand. We hope this list has introduced you to a few new favorites!

Looking for more unique shoes to add to your collection? You’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling for more content just like this!